Staff Profile – Prihatin Safitri (Titin)

Staff Profile – Prihatin Safitri (Titin)

Titin is IALF Bali’s Resource Centre Manager and she has been a Librarian for more than 20 years. Being a Librarian was just a dream to begin with; however her love of reading led her to enrol in the Library Science Dept, Airlangga University in Surabaya in 1989.   After graduating as a fully qualified librarian, Titin worked in two large, modern libraries in Surabaya before joining IALF Bali in 2003.

One of Titin’s main responsibilities at IALF is teaching Information and Literacy Skills to Australia Awards Scholarship awardees. Titin really enjoys teaching these students because they are going to rely on efficient and productive use of those skills during their university time in Australia. Titin works hard to make sure that the topics she presents in class are both enjoyable and easy to understand. Some students called her Miss TURNITIN as she is also in charge of that particular computer software in the RC at IALF Bali, and of course it sounds little like her name.

Her extensive experience in the library and book industry has meant that Titin has been involved in several large projects managed by IALF. During the years 2008 – 2009, Titin and her Resource Centre Team procured thousands of books for Islamic Schools around Indonesia as a part of ELTIS (English Language Training for Islamic Schools). Titin assisted in the setting up of a new library in Timor-Leste for ETELP (Timor-Leste English Language Project) and for KELP (Kiribati English Language Program) in the South Pacific.

Students at IALF Bali like spending their time at the IALF Resource Centre, not only because of their demanding homework schedule, but because of its ambiance and the wide variety of books and materials available.  Building good customer service and providing suitable materials are two of Titin’s main objectives in ensuring that her students, whether academic or general English students, keep coming back and enjoying the IALF Resource Centre in Bali.

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