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Staff Profile – Tasya Amelia Oktafuri

Staff Profile – Tasya Amelia Oktafuri

Tasya Amelia Oktafuri is an English teacher by day and an avid reader by night. Looking back, she remembered spending most of her school years in the library instead of hanging out at friends’ house. She read her first novel in English in the 3rd grade, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone.  She was the favourite of the school’s librarian, and by 4th grade, she was the first in her class to be called four-eyed.

Her first job came in the first year of uni, teaching English to children and teenagers. For 3,5 years she worked hard to graduate as earliest as possible and earning money so that she could travel to London. Realizing the best way to live her dream is by taking a Master’s degree in the UK, she ambitiously applied for LPDP Master’s scholarship. To her utmost delight, she got it, and thus began her one-year journey of studying MA TEFL at the University of Birmingham. This involved studying, doing duties as Student Ambassador and Student Representative, travelling, collecting used books, and eating all the chocolates that M&S could offer.

Instead of enjoying her summer holiday by travelling more, she was chosen to work as an assistant lecturer at the university, teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes) to pre-sessional students. She might have enjoyed her job too much and was upset that she had only three months to write her dissertation. After many sleepless nights of writing, she finished her dissertation and was very pleased with the grade. She then travelled to Europe, graduated, and went home.

Just 2 weeks upon returning to Indonesia, Tasya started working in IALF as an IELTS teacher. She’s never been happier because now she works with awesome, hilarious colleagues, helping students get their required IELTS score to live abroad, and most importantly, her office has a great library collection!