Staff Profile – Simone Samuels

Staff Profile – Simone Samuels

Simone Samuels joined IALF in 2009 as Manager of Academic Programs based in Jakarta. Before arriving in Jakarta, Simone worked for three-and-a-half years in Hanoi, Vietnam where she worked as an Assistant Branch Manager and EAP teacher. In this position Simone was heavily involved with the Australia Awards program, or Australian Development Scholarships, as it was known then.

Simone now finds it extremely rewarding to be involved with the management of the Australian Awards Scholarship Pre-Departure Training program in Jakarta. Over the years, she has seen so many interesting people from all different fields of study head off to Australia to study, only to meet those students again years later when they return to Indonesia and to see how much they have learned and changed from their experiences.

Simone has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from QUT, a Graduate Certificate in Teaching English and a Master of Education (TESOL). In 2000 Simone left her home of Australia and went to London to live and work for two years, and then in 2003 she travelled to China for her first teaching gig in a small city in south-west China. In 2004 Simone worked as a teacher-trainer, and was part of a company fundraiser which went to India to build houses for poor villagers with Habitat for Humanity. It was time for Simone to take a year out between 2005 and 2006 to travel around the world, although she did stay in Portsmouth, UK, for 8 weeks during that time to teach on an academic English program for European students over the summer.

As for her work with IALF, Simone feels it is a privilege working with some great people. The teachers in her team are highly experienced, qualified and enthusiastic about their profession which makes her work really satisfying. The students who come through IALF are so interesting, and from so many different backgrounds, that it makes every new group of students she encounters one that keeps her work interesting to do.

In her free time Simone loves to travel and photograph the world around, go scuba diving, practice yoga, be in the kitchen preparing healthy and tasty plant-based food, and to spend time with her family.

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