Staff Profile – Ketut Sri Handayani (Han)

Staff Profile – Ketut Sri Handayani (Han)

Originally from a small town in northern Bali, Singaraja, Ketut Sri Handayani (known as Han by her colleagues and students) completed her education there in 2001 when she graduated from IKIP Singaraja, majoring in English Language Education.

In 2003, Han moved to Denpasar and took up a part-time teaching position with IALF Bali.  Within one year this position became full-time and allowed Han to gain extensive experience in teaching the English Language as well as Bahasa Indonesia. Her classes were onsite at the IALF campus, as well as at a range of other venues and locations in Bali and Lombok.

In 2010, Han’s wealth of experience and expertise, coupled with a sense of adventure, saw her being appointed as a teacher of Bahasa Indonesia within a bilingual program at a school on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. She worked collaboratively with many other teachers to develop a successful program and language teaching resources. Han has also been involved in many professional learning conferences in Australia related to Language Education and Teacher Training. These opportunities have inspired her to promote Learning of Indonesian as a Foreign Language (TIFL) as well.

Han’s continued work at IALF has given her the opportunities to go to many different places in Indonesia and since 2016 she has been the English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) Program Coordinator in Papua and Papua Barat, spending 3.5 months in Jayapura each year.

Currently, Han is honing her skills by conducting lessons within the Academic Pathway Online (APOL) at IALF in Bali. Such flexibility and adaptability in teaching are necessary skills in today's world.