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Staff Profile – Jozef Setyawan

Staff Profile – Jozef Setyawan

Jozef Setyawan was a student at IALF Surabaya in 2004 and was really impressed with the people who worked there. They were very friendly and it seemed like they really enjoyed working at IALF. That’s when he realized that he would like to work in that sort of work environment one day and work with people just like them.

A few years later Jozef saw a job offer from IALF Bali in a local newspaper. They were looking for Finance Department staff. Jozef felt full of confidence and with is accounting qualifications, he submitted his application for the position.  To his great surprise he got the job. He left his previous job, moved to Bali and started working with IALF in Denpasar.

During his time at IALF, Jozef has been involved in a number of projects, including Kang Guru, ELTIS, KELP, ELTA and ETELP for IALF. Jozef has learnt from all of these new experiences. His work involves preparing budgets, supervising the expenses of IALF staff for activities such as travel and conferences, and preparing regular financial reports. For several years, Jozef traveled regularly to Timor-Leste, visiting the ETELP office in Dili to ensure that the financial aspects of the ETELP project were working well. It gave Jozef the opportunity to meet and chat with the local people there and learn a little bit of their language. It was a completely different environment in Timor-Leste and Jozef was very happy that this work there was just one of the many interesting tasks that he has been given by IALF since he started work with them.

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