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Staff Profile – Frida Ayu Mandana

Staff Profile – Frida Ayu Mandana

Frida Ayu Mandana (Frida) was born and raised in Lumajang, East Java. She spent almost 8 years living in Malaysia where she studied at Sekolah Kebangsaan Datin Khadijah. After primary school, Frida continued her secondary education in Perak. When she returned to Indonesia with her parents, she started her undergraduate studies in English Education at the State University of Malang. After graduating, Frida moved to Bali to follow her dream of exploring the island.

Frida has taught English since 2013 in both Malang and Bali. At IALF Bali Frida has had the opportunity to broaden her teaching skills, teaching a wide range of students from Young Learners to Adults. She loves teaching English and enjoys every moment of being with her students. Frida always tries to motivate and encourage them to do their best by reminding them that they can reach their goals through perseverance and hard work.

When she’s not teaching Frida enjoys cooking, baking and travelling to the beach to enjoy the sunset on weekends. She finds cooking and baking are a simple escape and good meditation for her mind, especially when people love her food. Frida is also a talented singer and she uses songs to get instant happiness to boost her mood!