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Rini Tafrini was born in Ambon but moved to Bali in 1972. Rini graduated from Udayana University in Denpasar and started working at IALF in January 1997. Her first position was as an Administrative Officer with IDP and 3 years later she became their Education Counsellor. Currently Rini is IDP Manager & Counsellor based at IALF in Jl. Raya Sesetan, Denpasar. The IDP team in Bali meet all sorts of students from different backgrounds, levels of education and interests, and Rini really enjoys helping these students to achieve their dreams - whether they are private or sponsored students.

As Manager and Education Counsellor, Rini has many roles. With her team she provides information about IDP services providing assistance for students who plan to study in Australia. Her daily activities involve face to face counselling with students, and often their parents as well, preparing and sending applications to educational institutions in Australia, and helping with visa processing and accommodation for when those students finally go to Australia.

Rini has had a wide variety of work experiences including  visits to universities in Australia developing her contacts with, and knowledge of,  those institutions. In fact Rini has visited tertiary institutions in seven of the eight Australian states and territories over the past few years.  Rini participated in a one week Leadership Program at Melbourne University in 2007.  Between 2008 and 2013, Rini managed students who won scholarships to Australia through the Program P5, Penelusuran Putra Putri Asli Papua. Twenty two students were awarded scholarships from the Jayapura Regency, and Rini gave them ongoing support before and during their studies in Australia.

Listen to Rini talk about her work at IALF:
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