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Learning Indonesian at IALF

Belajara Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta Surabaya Bali

kursus Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta Surabaya Bali
Kursus Bahasa Inggris di Surabaya
Kursus Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta

The IALF has established an international reputation for its courses in Bahasa Indonesia

IALF offers a range of courses that are open to the general public. All three branches of the IALF provide intensive and semi-intensive Indonesian language programs and one-to-one courses for individual students.

Courses are designed for adult learners who wish to develop their ability to communicate in Indonesian for professional, social or personal reasons.

New arrivals: if you have just arrived in Indonesia you will realise the need to learn at least basic conversational Indonesian. The IALF courses at Beginners level will introduce you to key vocabulary and structures that will assist you in everyday communication, both at home and in the workplace.

Residents: if you feel that your Indonesian has reached a plateau and that you need to improve your ability to communicate on a wider range of subjects, our courses at post-elementary, intermediate and advanced levels will be able to assist you to meet your communication needs.

Business People: for those who need to conduct business transactions in Indonesian, the IALF can also develop customised curricula for individuals or small groups on a range of topics and levels of language proficiency.

Teachers and Students: if you are a serious student or teacher of Bahasa Indonesia, IALF Bali conducts intensive courses combining Indonesian language and culture. Please see Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali for more details.

To get your Indonesian language study started, here are some basic useful Indonesian words and phrases.

Indonesian Language Programs at IALF

learning bahasa indonesia
Learning Indonesian at IALF Jakarta
Learning Indonesian at IALF Surabaya
Learning Indonesian at IALF Bali



  • General Indonesian – Evenings
  • Semi-intensive Indonesian
  • Intensive Indonesian
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Customised Tuition
  • General Indonesian
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Customised Tuition
  • General Indonesian
  • Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali
  • Group Study Tours
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Customised Tuition
  • BIPA One-day Workshops


Bahasa Indonesia teachers at IALF

Learning the Indonesian language

All of our instructors are experienced native speaker teachers of Indonesian as a foreign language. All hold a university degree and teaching qualification, and understand the types of difficulties experienced by adult second language learners. Although they will teach primarily through the medium of Indonesian, all are fluent speakers of English.

Resources & Facilities at IALF

Bahasa Indonesia

All language centres are equipped with well-stocked libraries with the latest educational hardware and software and staffed by experienced and qualified librarians to help facilitate language learning through a range of different media. All Bahasa Indonesia students studying at IALF have full access to IALF Resources & Facilities.

Translating & Interpreting

Learning language in Indonesia

The IALF offers a full range of translating and interpreting services: Indonesian to English and English to Indonesian. Our interpreters are available to work in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali as well as farther afield. Please refer to the Translating and Interpreting page for more information.





 IALF Language Centres in Indonesia:


Kursus Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta, Bali dan Surabaya IALF Jakarta
Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan, 3rd floor
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav C 11-14
Jakarta 12940
Tel. (021) 521-3350
Fax (021) 521-3349
IALF Surabaya
Jl. Ngagel 133 D-G
Surabaya 60246
East Java
Tel. (031) 502-6400
Fax (031) 502-6408
Jl. Raya Sesetan 190
Bali 80223
Tel. (0361) 225-243
Hp 0822-91109448
Fax (0361) 263-509

Jakarta Surabaya
Kursus Bahasa Inggris
Studi Bahasa Inggris
Kursus Bahasa Ingggris di Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya

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