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Kang Guru Indonesia

KangGuru Indonesia
KangGuru Indonesia

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KangGuru Indonesia
KangGuru Indonesia


latest edition of KangGuru Magazine

Would you like to know all the latest news and information about Australia-Indonesia ties and links - Good Neighbours Make Good Friends.  Find out all about the Australia-Indonesia relationship by reading of people to people activities, links, ties and exchanges in the KGI magazine, on the KGI website and by listening to KGI's weekly radio programs on one of KGI's network of 165 broadcast stations across the country.

Kang GURU Indonesia (KGI) English language and information services to Indonesia started in 1989 as Kang Guru Radio English. This means that Kang GURU Indonesia (an AusAID activity in Indonesia) is celebrating 20 years of service as a part of the Australia Indonesia relationship. Read about this 20 year milestone in the 2009 magazines, now  also available on the website in pdf format. With over 6,000,000 hits on this KGI website during 2009, KGI is now even bigger and better than ever in its long life in Indonesia! Be sure to stay tuned to one of the 200 radio stations broadcasting Kang GURU all over Indonesia to hear all of Kang GURU's latest news and information about the English language, the many Australia-Indonesia links, activities and relationship including latest news of the Australia Indonesia Partnership (AIP) in Indonesia.

KGI has recently revised the popular teacher packages for both junior and senior high school levels in Indonesia, and combined with the FREE Listening and Reading Class Sets,  assists thousands of English language teachers across Indonesia. Be sure to check out the Latest KGI News  and KGI’s Facebook Fan Page to see for yourself to see just what is happening with Kang Guru all over Indonesia including teacher workshops, interviews and travel. 

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KangGuru Indonesia
KangGuru Indonesia
KangGuru Indonesia

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