Cabang IALF

    IALF di Jakarta

    Plaza Kuningan Menara Selatan, 3rd floor Jl HR Rasuna Said

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    IALF di Surabaya

    Jalan Ngagel 133 D-G Surabaya 60246

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    IALF di Bali

    Jalan Raya Sesetan 190 
Denpasar Bali

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Sumber Daya Dan Fasilitas

Resources & Facilities

When you study at IALF, you have access to top quality facilities and extensive language learning resources.

IALF branches are very different in terms of location and atmosphere – from the CBD office of IALF Jakarta to the post-industrial modernity of IALF Surabaya to the garden campus of IALF Bali. But in all three IALF branches, classrooms are equipped with multi-media computers and audio & video streaming.

Resource Centres are equipped with multi-media computers as well as power sockets and WiFi for those who bring laptops. As well as published learning materials, there are periodicals, leisure reading and reference materials. Read below for more information on IALF’s extensive resources and facilities.