Staff Profile – Rakhma Diana Sari (Ana)

Staff Profile – Rakhma Diana Sari (Ana)

Rakhma Diana Sari, better known as Ana, is originally from Malang. She graduated from Malang State University in 2000. She lives in Bali and has worked as a teacher at IALF Bali since 2001, completing her Trinity Certificate in TESOL teaching qualification in 2004. She’s been teaching various programs at IALF Bali. Alongside teaching, she has also written some practice IELTS Reading and Listening Practice Tests, including National Tests for the Kiribati English Language program funded by the Australian Government.

Since 2006, Ana has been involved with other Australian Government programs. She was responsible for materials development and delivering workshops for English teachers in remote areas in several provinces and islands around Indonesia for Kang Guru Indonesia (KGI). As well as this, she also wrote hundreds of radio scripts and recordings for English teachers and learners that led to her voice being heard on over 200 radio stations in Indonesia and some states in the USA!

Teaching is her passion but Ana also specialises in materials development. From 2004 – 2006, she designed ELT materials and course books for use in Indonesian secondary schools: a series entitled 'Flying Start' published by Erlangga Press. From 2007 to 2010 Ana was the Curriculum and Materials Specialist for ELTIS (English Language Training for Islamic Schools). Since 2011 under the Australia Awards Indonesia program, Ana has become the/a coordinator of the ELTA (English Language Training Assistance) program in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT).

Two things she cannot live without are her collection of Keris and cooking traditional Indonesian food. As one of the Bahasa Indonesia teachers at IALF, she is keen to introduce these two cultural things to her students. When she joined the teacher exchange program in Queensland in 2019, she cooked some Indonesian dishes for her host families as well as teaching Australian students and teachers about the beauty of Keris as part of Indonesian cultural heritage.

She would describe her work experience at IALF Bali as very colourful and dynamic as she’s been involved in many different programs where she continually learned new things. She particularly enjoyed that she travelled a lot and got to meet so many amazing people from around Indonesia.