Visit from Yes EDUCATION to IALF Global Bali

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Early this month IALF Global has started a partnership with Yes EDUCATION, Australian education agency, based in Sydney. And last week, Mr Joni Tjhin, the Marketing Director of Yes Education, visited IALF Global Bali office on Monday, 13 January 2020.

It was a warm and productive visit and IALF Global team much appreciated this kind of visit by institutions.  Strengthening partnership with all Reps, or in this case, met with one of the Founder of Yes Education, getting updates on study programs, discuss and find solutions when there is a problem with student’s application and learning new information related to study abroad.

For Indonesian students, what is interesting from Yes Education? Apparently they represent all schools, TAFE and Colleges in all Australian states. Anyone wants to go to a high school in Australia? Wants to enter polytechnic? Or go to a College? You can do them all, and IALF Global can help you.

So where do you want to study? Go to a TAFE or College or Uni? And if you just wanna do sightseeing and learning English, why not join IALF Global Study Tour? Wait for the information, okay?

Other than Yes Education, IALF Global team also got a visitor from Macquarie University, from Kent College, from Curtin University and Monash. What a productive week for IALF Global Bali team 😊.

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