Study in Australia EXPO 2020 - Australia Awards & IALF Global

Ready to study in Australia? Come and join the Study in Australia Expo on Wednesday, 12 February 2020 from 14.00 - 18.00 WITA at The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, Ballroom.

Study in Australia Expo 2020 - Australia Awards - IALF Global Bali

In this rare opportunity, you will meet and have an insightful discussion with the representatives from top universities in Australia, receive valuable information about living and studying in Australia from our alumni and learn about scholarship opportunities. If you dream about studying overseas, don’t miss the chance to experience the world of education in Australia.


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The Study in Australia EXPO 2020 is FREE and open for public. Please register before 10 February 2020.

  • Meet with representatives from top Australia universities
  • Learn about scholarship opportunities
  • Talks with universities alumni about their experiences
  • Have an opportunity to take a fee IELTS Tryout with IALF

Are you planning to take IELTS?

Make sure to also register for the IELTS Tryout with IALF on the same day. Choose the IELTS Tryout ticket type during registration.


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About the IELTS Tryout

The IELTS Tryout aims to introduce potential IELTS test-takers to the IELTS test and to provide an insight into the various aspects of the four test modules through a simulated test environment.



  • Participants will learn and find out more about the IELTS Test
  • Observe examples & demonstrations of IELTS Writing Tasks
  • Experience a mock IELTS Listening and Reading Test
  • Be involved in a Speaking test simulation with a partner


Participants will receive an assessment result of how they performed in the simulation tasks. These results can be used as an individual evaluation and to help identify further language training needs in terms of IELTS preparation courses or English language training.


The IELTS Tryout with IALF is a free event and is limited to candidates that have a minimum English level of Pre-Intermediate 1 on the IALF scale. All materials will be delivered in English by a Native Speaker or an Indonesian teacher of English.


The IELTS Tryout with IALF will take place at:

  • 12 Feb 2020
  •  12.00 - 14.00 WITA
  • Kemiri & Kesuna Room, The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali, Kuta
  • *Only 60 seats available!


This event is FREE and open for public.


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For further information contact IALF Global Bali | 0812 3889 498 (WA) |

This event is Organised by Australia Awards in Indonesia and IALF Global Bali.

Australia Awards in Indonesia

The Australia Awards in Indonesia program carries on a tradition of providing scholarships that have been offered by the Australian Government for more than 60 years. The objective of the Australia Awards in Indonesia is to enhance Indonesia's development through the contributions of internationally qualified professionals and a strong and positive relationship with Australia.

Since 1953, more than 9,000 Indonesian scholarship recipients have studied at Australian tertiary institutions through long term and short term study, with many going on to take leadership positions and make a significant difference to Indonesia's development.

Australia Awards in Indonesia offers two types of scholarships: postgraduate courses (Long Term Awards) and intensive tailored short courses (Short Term Awards). The most-able and promising candidates are given awards following a competitive selection process. Successful graduates will become part of the Australia Awards Global and Indonesia alumni network, a vast and actively supported community of influential alumni.

For more information, please visit

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