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General English

IMPORTANT UPDATE: IALF CENTRES CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE  Due to the COVID-19 situation worldwide, IALF Centres in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali are closed until further notice. You can still browse the IALF website for information on our services, while waiting for the Centres to re-open. IALF is launching FREE ONLINE CONVERSATION CLASSES during the shutdown - check your email for an invitation!

Improve your English skills at IALF – join one of our General English programs at IALF Surabaya or IALF Bali.

IALF Surabaya’s English Pathway Program focuses on the English language and study skills necessary for success in overseas studies and the international job market.

IALF Bali has the largest General English program in Bali. The adult program has classes from Beginner to Advanced, building fluency and confidence for travel, work or study. The Young Learners Centre caters for SD & SMP students.

English Pathway Program in Surabaya

Take your first steps on the journey towards academic success with the English Pathway program at IALF Surabaya.


General English in Bali

IALF Bali leads the way with the largest and most trusted General English program in Bali.


Young Learners in Bali

Build a brighter future for your children - where fluency in English is an asset.