Australia Awards Scholarships Awardees at IALF Bali - Personal Development Plan Workshop

Inside the Personal Development Plan Workshop for Australia Awards Scholarships Awardees 2023 with Professor Victor Callan, University of Queensland (UQ).

australia-awards-scholarships-at-ialf-bali  australia-awards-scholarships-at-ialf-bali

The Personal Development Plan Workshop is just one of a series of workshops that the Australia Awards Scholarships Awardees will take part in during their Pre-Departure Training at IALF Bali. The workshop was delivered Prof. Victor Callan, Professor of Management and Leadership at the University of Queensland (UQ) Business School, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law. Professor Callan is a distinguished researcher who investigates organisational change, leadership and employee training, and he is one of Australia’s most recognised researchers in these fields.

The workshop provided the awardees with an opportunity to learn and discover the key aspects of building a personal development plan, not only for their study period in Australia, but also throughout their careers. The workshop covered key learnings on goal setting, planning the awardees’ professional development and cross-cultural networking in Australia.


A total of 90 awardees are completing their full-time Pre-Departure Training (PDT) program at IALF Bali, where they are studying English for Academic Purposes in preparation to continue their studies in Australia. In addition, their PDT includes workshops on Thesis Options, Personal Development Planning, Networking Tools and Strategies, a University Information Day, and course counselling.

The PDT focuses on developing appropriate language, academic and study skills. This course gives all awardees a good understanding of the principles and key themes of postgraduate study in Australia. It also aims to enhance study skills and the independent learning strategies appropriate for studying in a western academic environment, as well as to equip them with cross-cultural communication skills for living and learning in Australia.

australia-awards-scholarships-at-ialf-bali  australia-awards-scholarships-at-ialf-bali

In addition, the pre-departure training program supports the awardees to develop the skills they need to achieve their target IELTS scores to continue their postgraduate studies at their chosen university in Australia.

Australia Awards is a long-standing aid project funded by the Australian government. The project aims to give selected Indonesians (both from the public and private sectors) the opportunity to study at postgraduate level in Australia. They are then expected to return to Indonesia and make a suitable contribution to national development here.

The Australia Awards Scholarship program has been running for more than 40 years and during that time many thousands of Indonesians have had the opportunity to study in Australia, thereby improving mutual understanding between the two countries.

IALF has and continues to work with Australia Awards and DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Australia to provide a wide range of English language training programs in Indonesia and beyond. IALF’s work throughout the years in Indonesia includes Kang Guru Indonesia (1989-2016), ELTIS (English Language Training for Islamic Schools) from 2007 to 2010 and ELTA (English Language Training & Assistance) from 2011 to the present.

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With over 30 years of experience, the IALF has worked with national and international institutions including Australia Awards Scholarships, NZAID, USAID, and various Ministries in Indonesia and Timor-Lester. The foundation has equipped more than 30,000 students with the language and academic skills needed to continue their studies either abroad or in an international program in Indonesia.

The IALF has a track record of managing complex educational projects in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific region, combining training in language, teaching, resources, management, and administration. Our client base covers various sectors from education, government, health, hospitality, finance, and manufacturing, to international agencies.

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