Academic Pathway for Study Abroad Preparation


Achieve academic success for study abroad in university or college with our interactive Academic Pathway for University Preparation (Uni Prep) online English course. This course blends 60% virtual classes via Zoom and 40% online activities & assignments.

Academic Pathway for Study Abroad Preparation – Are you planning to study abroad for college or university? Or are you planning to enrol in an international class at one of the top universities in Indonesia? With university life just around the corner, you will need to be fully equipped with the language and study skills that will set you apart from the other students and be on your way towards academic success.

The IALF Academic Pathway program for university preparation (Uni Prep) is designed to upgrade your English skills and build academic readiness with the necessary study skills for the university level. Starting at the Pre-Intermediate level, the course is open for students who want to be ready for college or university courses delivered in English, or for those who want to join an IELTS Preparation course with IALF.

Courses start every 2 weeks on Tuesdays.

Course Fee: Rp 3,250,000* / level

Includes course material, assessments, progress report, certificates and access to materials for 3 months. The course is taught by a combination of Native Speakers & Indonesian teachers of English.

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*Terms & Conditions:

  1. Valid for new and returning students
  2. Valid for purchases in December 2021
  3. Valid for payments via with Promo Code LEVELUP21

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To register you will first need to pass the minimum English requirements. Click the blue box below to take our Free Online Placement Test.

Why Join This Course?

If you are aiming for academic success in university or college, then this course is for you. Whether you will be studying overseas or in an international program in Indonesia, you will need academic English fluency combined with essential study skills to stand out from your peers.

The Academic Pathway aims to develop your academic English and study skills such as: understanding short presentations, summarising lectures, writing descriptive and comparative essays, understanding & presenting data, and much more.

Through discussing topics such as technology, economics, tourism, health and culture, you will build study skills through tasks and communicative activities.

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