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Teacher Training - C-CLIL

C-CLIL training in Bali

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English teacher training in Bali
training for English teachers in Bali C-CLIL

Certificate in Content and Language Integrated Learning


The current trend of the internationalization of education, which involves content such as maths or science being taught in a foreign language, brings many challenges for both content teachers and lecturers and for English teachers here in Indonesia. IALF Bali offers a Certificate in Content and Language Integrated Learning, and has many years of experience training school teachers and university lecturers, both at our Bali centre and on-site.

We offer both a four-week course and one-week modules, which can be taken separately to fit into semester and holiday schedules. We also offer the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) CLIL examination, at the end of the four-week course, or after four or five one-week modules. This gives participants an international qualification in CLIL.


The C-CLIL aims to enable participants to:

  • extend their knowledge and understanding of English relevant to professional practice
  • apply English language skills in a learning and teaching environment (within the context of designing, planning and delivering lessons, lectures, tutorials, and lab sessions in English)
  • experience and critically evaluate a range of learner-centred CLIL teaching methods
  • understand key areas of teaching knowledge and skills needed in the CLIL learning environment, including scaffolding content & language, developing academic and critical literacies
  • understand the key elements of lesson planning
  • manage the teaching and learning process effectively
  • select and use appropriate resources and materials
  • access and use an extensive range of resources and teaching technology

Who is the C-CLIL for?

Teachers or Lecturers who have to teach subject content in English. Requirements are:

  • Educational qualifications: preferably S1
  • Work experience: Minimum 3 years as a teacher or lecturer
  • Minimum English ability: Pre-Intermediate 4 (IALF Scale)/TOEFL 500 – 525 /IELTS 5.0 – 5.5
  • Be philosophically and practically committed to the concept of learner- and learning- centred teaching
  • Ability to synthesize material quickly and efficiently
  • Must be fit and healthy and prepared to devote full-time study to the module
  • Available to sit a Placement Test which includes an oral interview, a multiple choice structure/vocabulary test, and a short writing test

The CLIL course is open to institutions and interested groups. However, if you would like an introduction to the subject, we offer a CLIL Teacher Training Workshop at our Bali centre. For further information about the C-CLIL or the workshop, please contact us.


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