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Scholarship Pathway Program

Persiapan Studi di luar negeri

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Belajar di luar negeri
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Scholarship opportunities to study overseas are now widely available to Indonesians

Scholarship Opportunities


Online IELTS PaymentsScholarship opportunities to study overseas are now widely available to Indonesians. Most scholarships require applicants to prove their levels of English language proficiency using an internationally recognised English language test, such as IELTS and TOEFL. IELTS at IALF provides a better test experience including online registration and payment using credit card or ATM transfer.

Some scholarships include pre-departure English language training to assist successful applicants to achieve the level of EL proficiency required by overseas universities; however, many do not. Applicants therefore must arrange their own training in order to meet requirements.

IALF can help applicants or institutions to achieve their targets by offering Scholarship Pathway Program for individuals and groups. There are two types of programs, Customised Programs and Public Programs.

Scholarship Application Support Workshops are held at IALF Surabaya. For more information on Scholarship Pathway Programs, please contact us.


IALF Experience


IALF has more than 25 years experience in delivering English language training for Indonesians wishing to continue their studies overseas. Students are provided with the pre-requisite language and study skills necessary for success in their studies overseas. IALF programs combine general and academic English skills,  IELTS test preparation, cross-cultural communication skills, study skills and information literacy, making them comprehensive and highly relevant to students’ needs.

The IALF has extensive facilities and resources in each of its centres to assist students with their study.

Customised Programs

Beasiswa ke australia

Customised programs are suitable for institutions wishing to train a group of participants. IALF has provided these programs at the request of a wide range of donor agencies and institutions such as AAS, ADB, New Zealand Study Awards Programme and British Chevening Award, Airlangga University, University of Surabaya, Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang, Papua Provincial Government, Jayapura Regional Government, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance and the Partnership in Islamic Education Scholarships funded by AEI/ANU.

Customised programs are developed to achieve the specific aims and needs of the group. Materials can be adapted to suit participants’ professional background, country destination, and levels of language proficiency to be achieved. Scholarship Application Support, IELTS test preparation and IELTS testing are provided upon request.

Customised programs are available in IALF Jakarta, IALF Surabaya and IALF Bali. For more information on Scholarship Pathway Program, please contact us.

Public Programs

Beasiswa scholarship australia

Public courses have proven to be a more cost-effective alternative for individuals or smaller groups. Content is based on the core skills of customised programs. There is a range of levels available to meet the needs of the individual or group.

Scholarship Pathway Program for the public are available in IALF Surabaya and IALF Bali while IALF Jakarta offers a range of IELTS Preparation courses. For more information on Scholarship Pathway Program, please contact us.


Public Programs at IALF Surabaya

beasiswa belajar di Australia

The public programs offered at IALF Surabaya include Intensive English Program (IEP) and Intensive English Program for Overseas Study (IEPOS) level 1 and IEPOS level 2. These programs are offered 4 times a year.

Class hours
Entry requirements
Target exit
IELTS score
IELTS Preparation
Course fee

Intensive English Program
More details…

10 weeks

200 hours

Pre-Intermediate 1  or IELTS 4.5
(min 4.5 writing & speaking)

5.0 – 5.5


Rp. 11,800,000/pax
Combination local
& native-speaker tuition

Intensive English Program
for Overseas Study 1


More details…

10 weeks

200 hours

Intermediate 1  or IELTS 5.0
(min 5.0 writing & speaking)



Rp. 16,300,000/pax
Full native speaker tuition

Intensive English Program
for Overseas Study 2

More details…

10 weeks

200 hours

Upper-Intermediate 1  or IELTS 6.0
(min 6.0 writing & speaking)

6.5 +


Rp. 17,500,000/pax
Full native speaker tuition


Scholarship Application Support

Scholarships for Australian universities

Workshops to support scholarship applications are provided free of charge for Scholarship Pathway Program students. Content includes:

  • Identifying suitable scholarship programs
  • completing application forms
  • writing letters of motivation and CVs
  • Interview techniques

For more information, please contact IALF Surabaya.


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