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On September 24th, over 200 Australia Awards scholarship recipients gathered together at the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta for their Pre-Departure Briefing presented by the Indonesian Ministry or Education and Culture and the Australian Government (DFAT). All of these highly motivated, young Indonesian students are undertaking their academic pre-departure studies at IALF Jakarta before heading off to Australia. Good luck to all of them as they strive to do their very best.

Australia Awards - Jakarta

Two days later, on September 26th in Bali, it was all laughter and fun at the Australian Consulate in Denpasar when Australia Awards recipients studying at IALF Bali gathered to celebrate their hard work at IALF Bali by having some well-deserved relaxation time. They enjoyed a real Aussie BBQ and they all took to the stage for some very funny performances for each other - all so talented. Many thanks to the Australian Consulate in Denpasar for hosting the event and to all participants, including staff from IALF.

Australia Awards -  Briefing

On September 27th it was time for the Bali recipients to have their Pre-Departure Briefing and this time it was in Sanur. Eighty six Australia Awards awardees gathered to learn more about their 'soon to happen' journey to Australia and what they can expect when they get there. Thanks to the representatives from MoEC Jakarta for their involvement, also Australia Awards and of course IALF.

Australia Awards - Bali

Kevin Dalton, from IALF Bali, was MC at both Pre-Departure Briefings. Kevin really enjoyed meeting so many former Kang Guru Indonesia friends from years past. Congratulations to all involved and all the best for the future. For more photos take a look at the IALF Facebook Fans Page.


IALF Travelling Roadshow in Balikpapan


In mid-September, the IALF Travelling Roadshow went to East Kalimantan and to the city of Balikpapan. The theme of this 2nd IALF Travelling Roadshow was Learning English for a Brighter Future. Almost 500 people attended the event and enjoyed sessions where IALF talked about IELTS, scholarships, teacher training, study overseas and specialized English language training. Thank you to all involved and we really appreciate the support and friendship we experienced while in Balikpapan.

For more photos go to the IALF Facebook Fans Page album.


Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL at IALF Bali
(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)


IALF Bali is an approved centre for the delivery of the Trinity Cert TESOL, an internationally recognized professional teaching qualification. The 4-week course is conducted 3 times per year. If you want a qualification that can take you all over the world, or you are a teacher in Indonesia and want international certification then the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) course is the one for you.

Kristen Spangaro has just completed her Trinity Cert TESOL course at IALF Bali and talks about the course - check out and listen to the IALF podcast. Along with her fellow participants Kristen enjoyed every minute of the course and now she is qualified and ready to teach English anywhere in the world.

IALF PodcastListen to Kristen talking about her Trinity Cert TESOL course at IALF Bali.


Here are three of the Trinity Cert TESOL course participants relaxing at their post-course dinner in late July 2014. From left to right; Emma from Germany, Nurul (aka “Mooza”) from Malaysia and Kristen from Australia.

Teacher Training Workshop at SMAN Bali Mandara in Buleleng, Bali


The workshop was held at Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri Bali Mandara, in Buleleng, Bali (SMAN Bali Mandara) under an MoU between SMAN Bali Mandara and IALF Bali to provide teacher training. From 15-17 July, David Bradbury, IALF Bali Teacher Training Manager led a 3-day workshop on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) developed especially for the teachers who use English in the classroom.

The teachers who joined the workshop teach subjects ranging from physics and mathematics to biology, economics and Indonesian. The workshop covered techniques that will help the teachers to involve their students more actively in the learning process, and included sessions on Cognitive Skills  and Integrating Vocabulary Teaching.

The participants worked hard for the three days, and their enthusiasm and keenness to develop as teachers was a credit to their school.

Teacher Training Workshop at SMAN Bali Mandara in Buleleng, Bali
Teacher Training Workshop at SMAN Bali Mandara in Buleleng, Bali
Teacher Training Workshop at SMAN Bali Mandara in Buleleng, Bali


Ketut Sudiani returned to IALF on July 10


Ni Ketut Sudiani from Denpasar travelled to Australia in June to attend the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne. Sudiani is the 2014 Indonesian recipient of an Emerging Writers Exchange. This exchange is a part of the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014 and is a new initiative as part of the annual Ubud Writer's Festival.

Ketut Sudiani returned to IALF on July 10

Ketut Sudiani returned to IALF on July 10

Sudiani paid a second visit to IALF on July 10th to meet with Australia Awards Scholarship awardees to talk to them about her experiences in Australia and her life as a writer. The auditorium at IALF Bali was full with keen students eager to hear of her trip and her work. Sudiani's session lasted for over an hour with around 75 students. Their questions came thick and fast and all wanting to find out as much as they could about her work and her Australian experiences.

Ketut Sudiani returned to IALF on July 10

Ketut Sudiani returned to IALF on July 10

Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali, July 2014


The 22 participants in the recent July courses enjoyed all aspects of their program especially the cultural sessions in which language an learning were successfully mixed together for all to enjoy. You too can enjoy studying Bahasa Indonesia in Indonesia as these Australian teachers and students of Bahasa Indonesia id in early July at IALF Bali.

The IALF Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali program (SBIB), offers an attractive package combining 40 hours of Indonesian language training combined with 20 hours of cultural studies introducing Indonesian, and particularly Balinese, culture.

Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali, July 2014

IELTS with IALF in Makassar and Papua in June


Jayapura Visit

On June 21st, IALF Bali travelled to Jayapura to run an official IELTS test there. Accredited IELTS examiner, Nick Mann, ran the test for seven young Papuans. Good luck to all of them and thanks for taking your tests with IALF.

Makassar Visit

IALF Surabaya ran its first IELTS test in Makassar on 21 June 2014 at UIN Alauddin Training Centre. This brand new building is conveniently located downtown and offers fabulous test-taking facilities, with great sound quality, good lighting and air-conditioning, LCD display for test timing and other utilities including Mushola, immaculate toilets and a comfortable waiting room for speaking tests.

Ten candidates joined the test and 4 used the new online registration and payment facility offered by IALF at

Look out for more IELTS tests with IALF in Makassar. Book your test now!


A Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta


On Friday, June 27th, students in the  6 month Australia Awards Scholarship classes at IALF Jakarta held an exhibition. They made posters about certain topics of living in Australia and arranged some wonderful decorations along with them.

Students researched their selected topics prior to 1 month and they were expected to apply some time management, people management and teamwork skills as well as rehearsing their ability to use academic English. More than 100 students from 7 classes took part and they expressed their excitement and enjoyment to have been dynamically involved in the project.Michael Bracher from AAS also visited and so other students from 4.5-month and 9-month classes.

The exhibition was held for the first time and initiated by Barbara Wiechecki, Cross-Cultural Project Officer IALF Jakarta.

Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta
Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta
Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta
Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta
Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta
Terrific Exhibition from Australia Awards Scholarship students at IALF Jakarta

Asri talks about his university life in Brisbane


Asri studying in BrisbaneAsri Toldo is from East Kalimantan. He is a current Australia Awards Scholarship holder and is living and studying in Brisbane, Australia. He is studying for his Masters in Environment Advanced with Honours ( Water Resources) at Griffith University. He is having a wonderful time following his dreams and studying in Oz but he is also learning all about Australian life and culture.

As with ALL Australia Awards Scholarship holders, Asri is also an alumni of IALF.

My Campus Life in Brisbane
Live on campus or off campus is same when semester begins. No matter what level you are in: under graduate or post graduate, you are bachelor, master degree students or Phd candidates, your life will be same, ruined in the middle of joy and sorrow filled with thousand words and hundreds articles that take your time day by day until you forget your pains. In some occasions, you may not be able to differentiate the time anymore. It seems to be the same except the time for praying and going to toilet. sometimes time for eating is not included on the schedule. so you can imagine how about time for bathing. It is totally out from the list as the winter is coming soon. 

When semester is almost end, I noticed something different especially when due date becomes a hot issue in everyday conversation. At this moment, suddenly life at uni becomes more enjoyable. Everybody seems busy with their own business. Learning center suddenly becomes the most comfortable place to stay in the world. In fact, it is free, safe, warm and full facilities. In some moments, if you are lucky, you will be entertained by people who cheer up themselves with music, jokes and books. So, don't be so surprised when you are walking down to the street and meet someone smiling, singing and talking alone happily. It is a normal life on campus. Or, in the late night, when you hear a loud music shaking the entire world coming from a place next to your window in almost every Tuesday night and a night in the end of the week, then you might think it is the end of world. You might say to yourself wow.. Is this a heaven? Then you have to avoid all the distractions and keep thinking straightly to complete yourself papers. This is the life at uni, and it only happens when you are here sitting in the middle of thousand books on the selves thinking about your future. This is the life that you might experience differently than others and only occurs once in a lifetime before you finally accomplish the journey. 

Australia AwardsWhen semester ends, life suddenly changes. All the stories during semester are kept tightly in mind. A new hope is waiting in other part of world to explore. 

Like an eagle, flying highly to the sky, then dropping in a rock in a top of the mountain, looking at the beauty of its creation on the beach and enjoying a rest of the nights with a glass of tea and waking up in the next day with a happy face. This life is more exciting than playing a roller coaster, more dramatic than cast away and even more romantic than Indian movies. This life is a miracle that is only felt when you experience it. That is the life that I will miss someday when I have finished my study and returned to my real world somewhere in the middle of the forest in Borneo. The life where my son will follow by his own ways to taste the experience. 

Toldo in Brisbane - Monday, June 2, 2014 at 11.15 pm.

For more photos from Asri - Click Here for IALF's Facebook Asri Toldo Album

Asri studying in Brisbane Asri studying in Brisbane
Asri studying in Brisbane Asri studying in Brisbane


Ni Ketut Sudiani, from Denpasar,  is a recipient of the
Australia-Indonesia Emerging Writers Exchange 2014


Ni Ketut Sudiani from Denpasar will travel to Australia in early July to attend the Emerging Writers’ Festival in Melbourne. Her co-recipient of these awards, Luke Ryan, from Melbourne was recently a participant of the Bali Emerging Writers Festival in Ubud. These two young writers from Australia and Indonesia are part of an Emerging
Writers Exchange. The exchange is a part of the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program 2014.

Australia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Greg Moriarty said the reciprocal visits would give both writers valuable international exposure and experience. “I am pleased the embassy can support the early careers of these two writers in this way.  This is a great opportunity to broaden their professional networks and enjoy the exposure to a different literary tradition and cultural environment,” the Ambassador said.

Ketut Sudiani recently visited IALF in Bali to talk about her English language skills, her writing and her award with Kevin, PR Manager for IALF.

Listen to Sudiani right here by clicking on IALF's audio podcasts:

IALF PodcastListen to Sudiani talking about learning English -


IALF PodcastListen to what Sudiani said about her first novel -


IALF PodcastListen to what Sudiani said about Bali Emerging Writers' Festival -


Ni Ketut Sudiani
Sudiani presenting a copy of her book to Ibu Titin,
IALF Bali’s librarian.
Ni Ketut Sudiani
Sudiani, at home in Denpasar, sitting at her desk where she
wrote her first book, “The Voices of Butterflies: A Novel
Ni Ketut Sudiani
Sudiani talking about her new book at a special Emerging Writer’s luncheon in Bali in early May.


Young Learners At IALF - an active way to learn English


On Friday May 2nd at IALF Bali, Young Learner SD-level classes learnt how to make recycled paper and then produce decorated sheets of writing paper that they can use. The preparation for the lesson, and the activity itself, was in English only and the level of English used was fantastic. Well done to all the teachers and the very clever young learners.

Pada hari Jumat, 2 Mei, para siswa Young Learners SD di IALF Bali belajar bagaimana mendaur ulang kertas menjadi kertas baru dengan berbagai hiasan yang dapat mereka pergunakan kembali. Persiapan kegiatan dan penjelasan proses pembuatan dilakukan dalam bahasa Inggris dan tingkat bahasa Inggris yang digunakan selama kegiatan sangat mengagumkan. Pujian bagi semua guru dan para siswa muda yang sangat pandai.

Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF
Young Learners At IALF




Are you thinking of taking the IELTS test in Indonesia? Be sure to enjoy a better test experience with IALF.

  • online registration and payment
  • one day test (including Speaking)
  • one location
  • high quality sound system
  • disabled candidates catered for
  • quiet test environment
  • musholla

Check out this video for more information.

Check out this video for  more information  from Mustafa,
a current Australia Awards Scholarship awardee stdying at IALF Jakarta







‘My name is Muhamad Mustafa. I’m from Tangerang. I have to take the IELTS Test because I need to study in Australia. I did IELTS Test before in somewhere else last year and I did it again 3 months ago and then I can compare that having test in IALF Jakarta is good in term of facilities, in term of quietness, the place, the staff.... Everything is just make me feel comfortable which is very important for my IELTS.

I also enjoy IELTS Test in IALF Jakarta because the access also is very easy. I need to do all of these like in one day. So, here in IALF Jakarta I can get it because in other places I find they do the Speaking Test in different days than the other aspect of the test. So, I think ‘One Day Test’ is easy. Test itself is done in very quiet situation. Less noise here in IALF Jakarta. The IELTS preparation course is really help me in taking this test’.



IELTS at IALF - Online Registration & Payment


Three reasons why IALF offers you better IELTS test experience:


Where to take the IELTS in Indonesia

Using the IELTS Registration & the Payment Online system you can

s register anywhere and at anytime
s register in advance for as many test sessions as you wish
s save time and money; no need to pay transfer fees
s preview your result online (


If you have all required information and documents prepared, it's time to unlock the world with IELTS.

Available for the following Test Locations:

  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya
  • Bali
  • Malang
  • Makassar
Professional, friendly examiners
and staff
Our IELTS examiners are well trained and certified with years of experience. They understand how you feel. Our members of staff are more than delighted to assist and support you from the pre-registration process to post-test services.

What is an IELTS TRY OUT with IALF?

  • What is an IELTS TRY OUT with IALF?Learn about IELTS
  • Find out where to get additional information about IELTS
  • See examples of IELTS Task 1 and Task 2 writing
  • Observe a demonstration of an IELTS speaking test simulation
  • Try a speaking test simulation with a partner
  • Try a mock IELTS listening and reading test

** Approximately a 3 hour session

Check out the Pictures from the Event!

For more information about IELTS TRY OUT, contact:

IALF Jakarta
Plaza Kuningan
Menara Selatan,3rd floor
Jl HR. Rasuna Said Kav C11-14
Jakarta 12940
(021) 521-3350
Contact: Kiki, Puspita or Ika 
IALF Surabaya
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(031) 502-6400
Contact: Tina

Jl. Raya Sesetan 190
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Contact: Dewi

Tenth Biennial ASILE Conference - September in Bali


ASILE logo

IALF Bali, in collaboration with Balai Bahasa Indonesia (ACT), will host the Tenth Biennial ASILE Conference. The conference will be conducted on Monday and Tuesday, 29 and 30 September 2014 in Bali, and will welcome teachers, administrators and the general public interested in the teaching and study of Indonesian language and culture. Please bookmark this page to follow updates about the conference.

For more information, see ASILE Conference page


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