The Application of Contrastive Analysis in Teaching Indonesian

to English Speaking Expatriates

S. Koencoro, Drs. M.Pd.


Teaching Indonesian to the English speaking expatriates, based on a five-year experience in doing the same thing, is not as difficult as most people imagine. There is a strong belief that almost every one can do it. The experience has clearly indicated that the ideas of 'Contrastive Analysis' (Carl James, 1980) play a very decisive role and contribute very much to the success of teaching.

First, we simply contrast Indonesian and English together. We put a stress first, on the similarities of those two languages since they will facilitate the teaching and learning process and at the same time, they will also make them excited and motivated. These similarities are applied and operated in gradual drill and exercises.

Second, we let them know the difference, not only in phonology and syntactical aspects but later also in cultural point of views. Just like the first one, we have also supply gradual drill and exercise (orally) containing the difference of those two languages. Make sure that the material given is something related to their immediate environment and gradually moved on to the more complex ones.

Finally, teaching variation such as, games or songs can also be given since it is not only interesting but also entertaining and at the same time will strengthen our social relationship. After all, we must not forget to single out speaking skill as the first priority of their language.


S. Koencoro, Drs, M.Pd. (married with 3 kids)
Palce/date of birth:  Sukorejo, Kendal 4-11-1950
Education:  FPS IKIP Jakarta 1995
Work Experience :Teaching English, Indonesian and Japanese (to expatriates).  Interpreter in Vanda International Training, Holland.  Speaker in scientific forums, in Indonesia and abroad.

Perum Untag 20
Semarang, Jawa Tengah

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