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IELTS Preparation at IALF Bali


IELTS Tests in Indonesia
Persiapan ujian IELTS
Tes IELTS di Indonesia

Planning on taking an IELTS test? Get the score you require by taking an IELTS Prep course at IALF Bali.

IELTS at IALF - IELTS Preparation at IALF BaliIALF Bali runs short courses focussed specifically on helping students prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL test:

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IELTS Kursus Kilat

IELTS Preparation classses in Surabaya, Indonesia


IELTS Kursus Kilat - includes 20 hours of classroom tuition over 2 weeks. The course gives students a clear, introductory overview of the IELTS test and provides practice in basic test-taking skills and strategies. The course has been designed for students who have the required level of language proficiency to achieve the band score required, or for students who require IELTS as a diagnostic test to identify further English language training needs.

Entry Requirements:

The minimum English language requirement is Pre-intermediate Level 3 on the IALF placement test.

Course Content:

  • Overview of the IELTS test
  • Explanation of Academic and General Training modules
  • Explanation of the test format - four parts (listening, reading, writing, and speaking)
  • Explanation of test results - meaning and significance of test scores
  • Listening test and skills overview including practice of sample question types
  • Reading test and skills overview using sample extracts and question types (Academic and General Training)
  • Writing test - the two tasks explained and question types and skills overviewed (Academic and General Training)
  • Speaking test – the three parts of the IELTS interview explained and relevant skills reviewed
  • Timed test practice of sample question types under simulated exam conditions in Listening, Reading and Writing


From instructor feedback on homework assignments and in-class simulation test practice, participants are guided towards an individual self-analysis of skill areas needing further study in order to achieve their required IELTS score.

Schedule Options:


Timetable options


Two-week semi-intensive program - 20 hours

Mon to Fri: 19:00 to 21:00

Rp. 2,750,000

2018 Course Dates:

IELTS Kursus Kilat course dates 2018

Suggested IELTS test dates

Test Modules Offered

3 - 14 December 15 December AC + GT


IELTS Prep Modular

IELTS Preparation classses in Surabaya, Indonesia

A new IELTS Preparation course at IALF Bali!

  • Full IELTS Prep Program of 50 hours over 5 weeks
  • Each week focusses on one or two specific skill areas
  • 4 classes per week Monday to Thursday (each class 2.5 hours)
  • Start the course in any week!

The five weeks are:

IELTS Prep Modular Bali

You can start at the beginning of any week! (the course is running through the year, and you can just stay with the course for any 5-week period to cover all the skill areas)

Cost Rp 4,750,000 for 50 hours (5 weeks)

Each week students will:

  • Learn about the key features of that skill area
  • Focus on key skills
  • Analyse and practice many different question types
  • Explore strategies and tips to improve performance
  • Have access to a wide range of learning resources

Entry requirement: Minimum English level Pre-Intermediate 1. Class hours: 18:00-20:30.

Contact Candra at IALF Bali on 0361 225 243 or

TOEFL Test Preparation

IELTS Preparation classses in Surabaya, Indonesia



IALF Bali offers a 40-hour TOEFL preparation course that provides practice in the language skills and test-taking skills required by the test.  These courses run according to demand – please contact IALF Bali for the next available dates.

IELTS at IALF - IELTS test in Bali



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Jakarta Surabaya
Persiapan ujian IELTS
Preparation classes for IELTS test
Kursus Bahasa Ingggris di Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya

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