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IALF October 2014 Newsletter

IALF Newsletters

IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters

October 2014 Newsletter


IALF Travelling Roadshow

IALF Travelling Roadshow


The second IALF Travelling Roadshow went to Balikpapan in mid-September. The theme of the three day visit was Learning English for a Brighter Future. Almost 500 people attended the series of  information and activity sessions which focused on IELTS preparation and testing, teacher training, overseas study and specialized English language training with IALF.

IALF really appreciates the support and friendship experienced while in Balikpapan and would like to thank Mbak Icha, a vibrant young teacher from Samarinda, and her team of 8 young Balikpapan volunteers who  assisted in so many ways, contributing to the smooth delivery of sessions.  Pak Rusman, an alumnus of the Australia Awards program (1989 – 1991) joined the Saturday evening Forum Talk Show where his experience as a scholarship recipient and advice on study in Australia was very much appreciated by the audience.

IALF plans to conduct a third Travelling Roadshow in 2015. Perhaps you have a suggestion as to where this should be held?

See IALF Facebook Page for more photographs from Balikpapan.

IALF Travelling Roadshow


New Options for IELTS Preparation at IALF Jakarta

New Options for IELTS Preparation at IALF Jakarta


New Options for IELTS Preparation at IALF JakartaThis year IALF Jakarta merged the IELTS Prep 1 and 2 classes into one combined IELTS Prep program. This has been designed to develop stronger foundations for students by providing challenging test-taking strategies and engaging assignments.

IALF Jakarta’s 2-week intensive courses and 5-week semi-intensive course are now run over four days, from Tuesday to Friday each week. This allows for slightly longer class sessions which are better suited to IELTS practice exercises and also provides for a three-day break giving students time to consolidate what they have learned during the previous week.

In response to overwhelming demand, IALF Jakarta is now running IELTS Prep on Saturdays. The new 8-week course runs from 08.45 - 16.00, (with an hour's break for lunch), every Saturday for five weeks. The class is intensive and focused and gives students an opportunity to concentrate on their language studies without the stress of coping with the demands of work or school on that day, and of course allows them to avoid Jakarta's horrendous weekday traffic.

So far this year more than 1,100 students have registered for IELTS Preparation courses at IALF Jakarta. This number is expected to increase over the coming months as awareness grows about the new programs and as people find out how easy it now is to book a place for an IELTS test at any one of the IALF centres using the online registration and payment service.


IALF welcomes future leaders of Indonesian higher education sector

IALF Surabaya welcomes future leaders of the Indonesian higher education sector

IALF Surabaya is providing pre-departure, intensive English language training for the Higher Education Leadership and Management (HELM) program, funded by the United States government through USAID. Candidates from leading Indonesian universities in Padang, Bandung and Yogyakarta, who have been nominated for Ph.D. level postgraduate study in the US, started studies at IALF Surabaya on October 13th. 
HELM is supporting selected lecturers to obtain scholarships for doctoral level study at Indiana Alliance universities. When they finally return to Indonesia, they will enhance the capability of their universities to deliver quality masters and doctoral programs for emerging leaders and managers for Indonesian higher education. IALF Surabaya will receive more HELM nominees for English language training in January 2015. We would like to welcome our first HELM cohort to the IALF Surabaya.

Photo: From left to right:
Francis O’Brien – Director of Studies
Yulianto Santoso - Universitas Negeri Padang
Megawanti - Universitas Gajah Mada
Iik Nurul Paik - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia




Over 300 hundred students from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Kesehatan (STIKES) Bali are currently studying at IALF Bali. Midwifery students (64) will be studying until early December 2014 while nursing students (245) will finish their program in mid-November. STIKES aims to have their young graduates going into hospitals with a good, basic level of English. 

STIKES Has been working with IALF for many years. Since 2007, over 3,600 students from STIKES have studied English at IALF in Bali. Courses have been designed to improve the English language levels of young students who very soon will be working in hospitals and clinics.

The teacher for the Midwifery program this term is Arya, while for Nursing there is Susan, Ari, Wijaya and Tommy.

IALF PodcastPodcast - Ary talks about her STIKES students



ASILE 2014 Conference

ASILE 2014 Conference

IALF Bali hosted the ASILE 2014 Conference on 29 and 30 September 2014. There were 107 delegates at the conference - 67 from Australia and other countries, including Japan, Germany, and the USA, and 40 from Indonesia. There were six plenary and twenty-nine parallel sessions, discussing trending topics in Indonesian language teaching, such as the use of technology, the development of Indonesian language teaching in Australia, Indonesia and other countries, and some strategies and techniques in teaching Indonesian language and culture. All delegates found the conference valuable. They shared their experience and knowledge, learnt new information and techniques and developed connections with their fellow teachers.

Jajang C. Noer, a prominent Indonesian actress, and Ivan Lanin, the founder of Kateglo (a mixture of online Indonesian dictionary, thesaurus and glossaries) and activist for the proper use of Indonesian, were two of the plenary sessions presenters. Jajang discussed how Indonesian language expresses Indonesian national identity and gave examples within the context of her films. Ivan Lanin talked about the roles of technology in the development of Indonesian language and how it can be utilized to assist Indonesian language teaching. One of the plenary sessions was the launching of Language Learning Space, a digital language learning resource created and managed by Education Services Australia to support the teaching and learning of languages, including Indonesian language, in Australia. This portal includes teaching resources aligned with the Australian curriculum and resources that support a community of practice and which expand and extend pedagogies in this area. One key component of the project is the online tutorial, which will enable students to interact with a native speaker to foster students’ skill and confidence in relation to Indonesian oral language skills. The online tutorial is provided by IALF Bali and is available to users of Language Learning Space.

IALF would like to thank ASILE, Balai Bahasa Indonesia Canberra, Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth, Balai Bahasa Denpasar, Green School, APBIPA and BahasaKita who all contributed to the successful running of the conference. Many thanks also to all IALF Bali staff who worked so hard to make the conference such a great event.

Listen to particpants talking about ASILE via IALF podcast.

Photos from the ASILE 2014 Conference are available on IALF Facebook.

ASILE 2014 Conference

Coming Soon

Bali WISE - Women and Girls of Indonesia Skills Education

What's Coming Up

In Jimbaran, Bali WISE  - Women and Girls of Indonesia Skills Education - aims to empower women by breaking the cycle of poverty and removing barriers to women accessing education and employment Bali WISE - Women and Girls of Indonesia Skills Educationopportunities. IALF is supporting Bali WISE by delivering a 2 month, elementary level English course. This course, a part of IALF’s Corporate Social Responsibility, finishes on October 20th.  IALF instructor, Made Mahardika, has been working with these special students 2 – 3 times each week.

The Bali WISE women’s education initiative provides free literacy, English language, personal development, health and vocational education to local women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. To achieve these goals, Bali WISE programs incur no costs to participants with full-time students eligible to receive transport, meals and accommodation support. Bali WISE programs are delivered and managed by trained Balinese teachers with an emphasis on meeting the diverse needs and interests of individual students. Bali WISE graduates receive ongoing employment support to obtain secure jobs with good working conditions and growth opportunities.

IALF in Australia

IALF in AustraliaIALF has enjoyed strong links with schools within the Diocese of Lismore, in north-eastern New South Wales, for 5 years. Teachers and students welcome young IALF instructors each year to assist with the teaching of Indonesian language and culture at their schools.  Assistance is delivered in the classroom situation, through teacher workshops, and by working directly with the students. IALF teachers have worked in Lismore since 2011 - Agus in 2011: Made and Anik in 2012, Cahyani and Pam last year, and for 2014 it will be Pam and Asri.  

In addition teachers from the Diocese of Lismore join the 2-week intensive Indonesian language course every January at IALF Bali to further enhance their Bahasa Indonesia.

English Training for Trainers of Pusdiklat Migas Cepu

IALF Surabaya will conduct English Language Training for sixteen trainers at the Education and Training Center on Oil and Gas (Pusdiklat Migas) in Cepu, Central Java, in December 2014. This is aimed at equipping participants with the necessary language skills to allow them to deliver training in English, and will focus on presentation skills, among other topics.

Business English - Heinz ABC

Heinz ABC is shortly starting an English course to upgrade the English proficiency of around 30 members of staff.  It will take place at their factory in Pasuruan, East Java, and aims at upgrading communication skills of employees in production and administration facilities.

Teacher Development for Ciputra School

English Language Training for teachers of Ciputra International School, Surabaya, is a forthcoming project for IALF Surabaya starting in November 2014.  IALF Surabaya aims to continue the success of previous courses with Ciputra and will be working to help teachers develop their English language skills for teaching and teaching-related duties (such as materials development and communicating with parents).
 Hopefully a pic for each of these too soon

Staff Profile

Julio Martins - East Timor English Language Program

Julio Martins


Julio Martins is from Ermera, a small town to the west of Dili in Timor-Leste, and has worked in the field of education and teacher training since 2007.   Last year Julio began working with ETELP, as Manager for INSET, to develop a school-based In-Service Teacher Training program for English language teachers in schools in Timor-Leste.   

The INSET program is being trialled with around 90 teachers from 25 schools across two rural districts, Ainaro and Manufahi. It covers English Language Upgrading and Teaching Methodology, and is taught by a team of four Master Trainers. Last year the Master Trainers followed a special ‘Training of Trainers’ program, which included English Language Development, English Language Teaching Methodology, and the Timor-Leste National Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.

Julio’s enthusiasm and interest in this work is clear to see as he travels the districts supporting the Master Trainers as they work with teachers in Ainaro and Manufahi. Teachers are already responding very positively to the INSET program and say it really helps them with their English language and daily classroom planning and techniques. Upon successful completion it is hoped that the INSET program will be accredited nationally, and teachers and students of English in Timor-Leste can look forward to continuing improvements in the teaching and learning of English in their schools.

ETELP is a project funded by the Australian Government (through DFAT) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Timor-Leste, and managed by the IALF.

IALF PodcastJulio - his own introduction


IALF PodcastJulio - his work before ETELP


IALF PodcastJulio - ETELP and INSET


IALF PodcastJulio - INSET participant response to the program so far


IALF PodcastJulio - proud to be working with ETELP in Timor-Leste


Julio Martins


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