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IALF March 2015 Newsletter

IALF Newsletters

IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters

March 2015 Newsletter

Across Indonesia

Teacher Training with IALF

IALF Newsletters


Teaching English through Stories


The Teacher Training Department based at IALF Bali is continually expanding its networks to improve the quality of English language teaching across Indonesia.  Over the years we have assisted in the development of teachers and resources in schools, universities and other education institutions.  In 2015, a wide range of teacher training programs will be conducted.  Read on to see what we’ve been doing so far this year.

Workshops, Workshops and More Workshops
The teacher training team has been very busy recently with workshops for visitors to Bali, and for the public. On the 20th February, Alice led a three-hour workshop for 83 students from Palangkaraya University in Central Kalimantan on Teaching English for Specific Purposes and Motivating Your Students. The next day Alice teamed up with Dayu to give one of our regular public Saturday workshops. The subject was Teaching Young Learners. There were 17 participants, and by coincidence one of them had also come all the way from Kalimantan.

March is also workshop month with four planned. On 2 March, 105 future teachers from Universitas PGRI Banyuwangi participated in a workshop about Teaching Large Classes and Using Communicative Grammar. This time it was Elizabeth and Han in charge. At the end of the week, on Friday 9 March, there was another workshop, this time for students from UNI Madura, who learned about Motivating Your Learners with Sue. After a break for the weekend, Sue was in action again, leading a workshop on the same topic for students from STAIDA Banyuwangi. Finally, on 14 March, there will be a public workshop on Teaching Communicative Grammar. We hope to see many teachers there.

Teaching Lecturers to Use English
IALF Bali began working with UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang last year in support of their plan to become a world class university. As the university accepts more and more students from overseas, lecturers will need to be able to teach their subjects in English. Last year a group of lecturers came to IALF Bali for four weeks to join our course on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), which is becoming increasingly important in Indonesia. The course covers techniques for teaching content as well as improving trainees’ English language and developing their cognitive skills. Last year’s course was very successful and the second group of lecturers started their CLIL course on 23 March. On the final day of their course, they will take the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) CLIL module, giving them an internationally recognized qualification.

Travels around Indonesia
It is not always practical for a university or school to send people to Bali for teacher training, but we are very flexible, and members of the teacher training team often travel outside Denpasar, and outside Bali, to run courses.Recently Teacher Training Manager, David Bradbury, conducted a 3-day workshop at the prestigious BINUS University in Jakarta. Like UIN Malang, the management of BINUS University has identified a need for their lecturers to use English when they teach, and BINUS once again selected IALF Bali to provide the training they need as a follow up to a short course conducted three years ago.

UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang STKIP Lampung



This year, for the first time, IALF was present at The EducationUSA Spring Fair 2015 to provide information about IELTS.

The event, held at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta on Saturday 7 February, was organised by EducationUSA and the Embassy of the United States. Robert Blake, the US Ambassador to Indonesia, welcomed all participants and visitors and encouraged them to explore the fair. 45 American universities, schools, colleges and institutions were represented, providing information about study in the USA, the US university application process, guidance on finding the right place to study, and scholarships. Before the opening, IALF had the chance to join a brunch with all participants.

More than 1000 people visited the fair in Jakarta and many of them had questions about IELTS as the test is now widely accepted by USA institutions as proof of English competency. IALF gave free vouchers for IELTS Preparation courses and IELTS tests at IALF Jakarta to four lucky winners of the door prize. IALF also attended the EducationUSA Spring Fair in Medan, 5 February 2015 and met around 1400 visitors coming to JW Marriott Hotel.



IALF Surabaya welcomes future leaders of the Indonesian higher education sector

The latest Intensive English Program for Overseas Study (IEPOS) is underway at IALF Surabaya. This provides a focused and concentrated course for participants over a ten-week period. Our current groups contain a mixture of scholars from different institutions all over Indonesia as well as self-funded participants. We are pleased to continue to work with scholars from the Higher Education and Leadership Program who are working towards PhDs in the United States and whose program also includes iBT TOEFL preparation.

We also have a large group of New Zealand ASEAN Scholars, the fifth such group we have trained, who have joined IEPOS while working towards their goals of Masters and PhDs in New Zealand. As with previous courses, the New Zealand ASEAN scholars come from many provinces around Indonesia and the opportunity for cultural exchange is as relevant here as it will be abroad. Self-funded students, including those who also wish to study overseas, perhaps via an LPDP scholarship, bring an extra dimension to this exciting program. A trip around Surabaya, visiting the House of Sampoerna Musueum and taking in historical sites such as the Klenteng Hokan Kiong Temple and De Javesche Bank, is planned for late February.



Andre Maure, one of the IALF tutors  working on LLS

IALF has been engaged by Language Learning Space (LLS) to offer a free tutor service delivering high quality and engaging lessons for teachers and students of Indonesian in Australian schools.

This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, and all services in the LLS are available at no cost to Australian educators and students. So if you are an Australian teacher of Indonesian or an Australian student learning Indonesian, make the most of this comprehensive facility to improve your Indonesian and connect with IALF’s wonderful teachers.  Here Andre Maure, one of the IALF tutors involved in the tutorial service, conducted a lesson to assist an Australian teacher improving his speaking skills.


English Language Training Assistance (ELTA)

Trainees from the ELTA Papua & Papua Barat III program.

English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) is a program funded by the Australian government through Australia Awards Scholarships. It is aimed at developing the participants’ general and academic English language skills and test taking strategies so that they can achieve the minimum IELTS score (5.0) required to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship.IALF Bali is currently managing two ELTA programs: ELTA NTT and ELTA Papua & Papua Barat which are being conducted in Kupang and Jayapura respectively. In each case the courses are taught by local teachers who have been specially trained by the IALF.

This 2015 program is the fifth English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) program conducted for potential Australia Awards applicants from NTT. The 12-week training course runs from 19 January to 11 April 2015 and is being conducted at the UNDANA Language Centre in Kupang, in conjunction with the Biro Administrasi Pembangunan NTT, and the University of Nusa Cendana.

Seventeen of this year’s trainees are from Kupang, together with nine from various other locations within NTT, such as East Sumba, South West Sumba, Alor, Manggarai, Rote, and Kefamenanu (the northern part of Timor island). The majority are civil servants, with others working for NGOs, training centres and universities. The trainees also come from various fields of study, such as Education, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Environment, Public Works, Information Technology, Water Management, and Public Health.

As well as input in class, trainees also meet with their trainers on a regular basis in one-to-one consultations, allowing them the opportunity to gain more personalised feedback and advice on their English ability. Perhaps because they have the scholarship target in mind, ELTA trainees are very motivated and keen to improve. They are also motivated by the knowledge that involvement in the ELTA program has enabled many trainees in the past to gain scholarships to study in Australia.

ELTA Papua and Papua Barat
The ELTA program has been running for three years in Papua and Papua Barat, and this is the second time the program has been delivered at Lembaga Penjaminan Mutu Pendidikan (LPMP) Papua in Kotaraja.

This year there were 215 applicants from Papua and 97 from Papua Barat, with 19 being selected from Papua and 11 from Papua Barat. The trainees’ education and employment backgrounds are quite varied: university lecturers (Geology, Nursing, English), statistics analysts, forestry officials, chemical engineers, environmentalists, doctors, pharmacists, marine biologists, and a junior high school teacher. Eighteen of the 30 trainees are civil servants and the remainder work for NGOs.

The participants come from different regions. In Papua, most trainees come from Jayapura, while the remainder are from Wamena, Merauke, Jayawijaya and Biak Numfor. The trainees from Papua Barat come from Manokwari, Sorong and Kaimana.

As with the ELTA NTT cohort, at the end of the program the trainees will take the IELTS test on 11 April 2015, and if they achieve a minimum band score of 5.0 they will then be eligible to apply for the 2015-2016 Australia Awards Scholarships round.

Based on the previous data from ELTA in Papua & Papua Barat I and II, 90% of the participants have been able to get the required score and have applied for an AAS scholarship. In 2015, 10 ELTA Papua & Papua Barat alumni were awarded an AAS scholarship and will commence their pre-departure training at IALF Bali later this year.

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What's Coming Up

Registration for General English Term II in Bali

Registration for the Young Learners (YL) and General English (GE) for Adults program for Term II is open from the 11 - 23 March, and classes will run from 24 March until 21 May 2015.

The YL & GE program is IALF Bali’s regular English course open for the public, aiming to increase students’ English skills in Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing. The YL and GE program at IALF Bali opens up new opportunities to learn English in a fun and effective way, while also being a place to make new friends. The Young Learners program is aimed at Primary (SD) and Secondary (SMP) students, while the General English program is open to High school, university and adult students. The program incorporates many fun activities into everyday classes and at the end of each term, both local Indonesian teachers of English and Native speaking teachers carry out End of Term Projects, where everyone is involved in creating and carrying out various activities such as a Charity Yard Sale, Olympics in English, and even dramas with fun and popular themes. Have a look into our YL and GE scene on our IALF Facebook Fans Page and see the amazing things all the students are involved in!

For more information on registration and Placement Testing, please contact our Program Officer, Ibu Lely Suwangi, at or call us at +62361225243.



IELTS Preparation Course for Setneg and Kemenkeu Candidates at IALF Jakarta

This March, IALF Jakarta welcomes students from the State Secretariat (Sekretariat Negara/Setneg) and The Ministry of Finance (Kementerian Keuangan/Kemenkeu). The 64 candidates consist of a group from Setneg and three other groups from Kemenkeu, who will join a 2-week intensive IELTS Preparation course starting 17 March, and are then scheduled to sit the test on 28 March 2015. The candidates will be given an overview of the IELTS test, an explanation of the test format and results, practice test samples and will sit a timed practice test under simulated exam conditions. The State Secretariat and Ministry of Finance have been sending staff to take IELTS Preparation courses with IALF Jakarta for the past 5 years.

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In-Service Training (INSET) of English Teachers in Schools - Timor-Leste

The IALF is regularly involved in overseas English Language programs funded by the Australian Government. Currently, the IALF is managing the ETELP program, a five-year English Language program whose goals are to improve English language teaching in Timor Leste schools. ETELP is focused on both improving the standards of teaching and resources at Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) and developing a model for the in-service training (INSET) of English teachers in schools.

The INSET program commenced in July 2014 with more than 70 local teachers from the Ainaro and Manufahi districts attending the training. The first phase of the program finished In February 2015, with more than 50 teachers successfully completing the initial English Language Upgrading component. In March 2014, the second phase of the course, which will provide teachers with a nationally accredited Certificate II in training, will begin. The training will continue to focus on upgrading basic language skills in addition to ESP, namely English language teaching. ETELP is working closely with the local education authorities to ensure that the specific needs of language teachers in the Timor-Leste context are identified and met.

The INSET course aims to build upon any previous training the teachers have had and provide them with the skills needed to become more effective teachers in their schools. Teachers will learn how to present and practise language, how to effectively exploit coursebooks and create conducive learning environments for the school students of Timor-Leste.

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Staff Profile

Rina Dewanti

Julio Martins


Rina Dewanti started working at IALF Jakarta in 1994 as a Librarian. Before beginning at IALF, Rina worked as Information and Documentation coordinator at Kalyanamitra, an NGO focusing on women and gender issues. In her current role, Rina works to improve existing library systems and procedures at IALF. She also teaches InfoLit to the Australia Awards Scholarship awardees as they prepare for their time studying in Australia universities. Besides working on a daily basis with IALF Jakarta, Rina has also provided training on setting up self-access centres for several universities in Eastern Indonesia.

Rina enjoys her work with IALF because it gives her the chance to meet and interact with people from different educational/professional backgrounds and from all over Indonesia. As a librarian, Rina gets to explore and evaluate various information sources so that materials made available to students at IALF are of the very highest quality. It is important to Rina that students can never say, “I do not know.” Through the development of their research skills at IALF students can always find answers to even the most difficult questions.  Rina often says that practice makes perfect, and this is so true when it comes down to research and study skills.

Listen to Rina talking about her career: /staff/StaffProfile-RinaDewanti.html


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