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IALF June 2014 Newsletter

IALF Newsletters

IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters

June 2014 Newsletter


IELTS at IALF Online

IELTS Online Registration and Payment

Do you know that you can now Book and Pay for an IELTS test with IALF from anywhere in Indonesia or overseas?

In 2013 IALF Jakarta became the first IELTS Test Centre in Indonesia to offer a seamless online registration and payment system for candidates wanting to take the test in Jakarta. This year IALF has expanded this system to include IALF centres in Surabaya and Denpasar and, as of June, candidates taking the test at our offsite venues in Malang and Makassar can also register and pay online.

To use the system, all candidates need to do is to login to They will also need a valid credit/debit card and ID (passport or KTP) as well as an email address that is checked regularly. Payment can be made directly using VISA/Mastercard, via Internet banking or at an ATM machine using the ATM channel. Candidates receive an email confirming registration and payment.

A feature exclusive to all IALF centres is that candidates are guaranteed that the Speaking Test will be on the same day as the written components. This means the only time they need to travel to the IELTS Centre is on the day of the test itself. 


Australian Awards Scholarships Awardees in 2014

Australia Awards Scholarships Awardees in 2014

In early 2014 more than 160 students started pre-departure training at IALF Jakarta under the Australia Awards Scholarship scheme (AAS). IALF prepares the awardees in what is the initial phase of their award, prior to their departure for Australia and enrollment in a Masters or PhD program.

Another session of pre-departure training for Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) awardees has just begun and around 200 students are currently enrolled in 26-week and 20-week classes which will end in October when the awardees take their final IELTS test. These awardees will leave for Australia in December to start their studies in the first semester of the Australian academic year in late January 2015.

During the training, students develop core skills in English for Academic Purposes as well as taking classes in Information Literacy and Computer Training. Another important element of the course is the Cross Cultural program which aims to ensure that the transition from life in Indonesia to an academic environment in Australia is managed as smoothly as possible.


Ministry of Agriculture studying at IALF

Ministry of Agriculture studying at IALF

Ministry of Agriculture studying at IALF A group of specialists from the Ministry of Agriculture recently commenced a three-month course at IALF Surabaya. The course is designed to provide language support for trainers who are occasionally required to deliver programs to multi-national groups of agriculture professionals. The 18 highly-motivated students from the Ministry have been enhancing their English skills in essay writing, academic reading, listening, as well as giving presentations. The communicative focus of their daily English program engages the students in a variety of stimulating, interactive activities including pair and small group discussions, role plays, games, as well as computer-assisted language learning in the school's modern computer lab.

Ministry of Agriculture studying at IALF “The course is running well and participants have been making noticeable progress, particularly in their speaking and listening skills”, says their teacher, Curtis Diggs. “One of the most notable improvements the students have made is in their confidence in using English to speak and write about an increasing variety of subjects.”

The language program is 200 hours in duration and aims primarily to develop skills that will allow participants to more effectively deliver training programs in the medium of English. They complete their course at the end of June with a visit to a seaweed factory in Malang on June 25. The closing ceremony for the participants will be held on June 26th.


ASILE Conference 2014

ASILE Conference 2014

September 29 – 30, 2014

IALF Bali, in collaboration with Balai Bahasa Indonesia Canberra (BBI ACT), Balai Bahasa Indonesia Perth (BBIP), Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa, APBIPA Indonesia, Bahasa Kita and Green School will host the ASILE Conference 2014. The conference will be held in Bali on Monday and Tuesday, 29 and 30 September 2014 and will welcome teachers, administrators and members of the public interested in the teaching and study of Indonesian language and culture.



Kang Guru Indonesia

Kang Guru Indonesia

Kang Guru Indonesia continues to produce a weekly English language radio program (broadcast on almost 200 radio stations across the Indonesian archipelago) under the auspices of EPOS (Education Partnership Outreach Services), an Australian Government initiative. As well as the radio program, the Kang Guru and EPOS team has produced wonderful supplementary English language teaching resources for use by English teachers in schools built through the Education Partnership; these materials have been approved by the Ministry of Education & Culture and the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Workshops have been held with teachers in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and several other provinces, focusing on learner-centred teaching methods and on how to use the materials in their classrooms. Supporting all these teacher-oriented activities, is the Kang Guru Facebook fans page and the Kang Guru website. Look out for events and competitions later in the year to celebrate 25 years of Kang Guru in Indonesia.

Coming Up

What's Coming Up

What's Coming Up


ELTAFor 2014, ETELP has selected two districts in Timor-Leste, Manufahi and Ainaro,  to trial the new in-service teacher training model. In-Service Teacher Training (INSET) will begin with English Language Upgrading 1 for 90 selected teachers. This training begins on July 4 and runs for 2 days closely followed by further training on July 18 – 19. Participants will complete more intensive training over a 6 day period starting on August 18. Upon the completion of this trial, ETELP will present a model for in-service training of teachers of English in schools to the Ministry of Education. 

IALF is the managing contractor of ETELP, based in Timor-Leste. ETELP is a partnership between the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL), the National Teacher Training Institute (INFORDEPE) and the IALF. It is part of the collaboration between the Governments of Australia and Timor-Leste, and is funded by the Australian Government. Within the broad goal of improving English language teaching in Timor-Leste schools, ETELP works with UNTL on improving pre-service training delivery and curricula, and with INFORDEPE on developing a pilot in-service teacher training program for school teachers.


ELTAThe third ELTA NTB program begins on 1 September and will finish on 21 November, followed by a full IELTS test for the participants on 22 November. Promotion for this program began on 7 June and information is available on the Australia Awards website.  It is anticipated that the 30 participants will be made of up of both PNS and non PNS participants from across NTB.

ELTA (English Language Training Assistance) is an innovative program under the Australia Awards Scholarship program, which focuses on promoting access to scholarships in under-resourced provinces in Indonesia. IALF has trained Master Trainers from four provinces (East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, Papua and West Papua) who, with the support of an IALF Program Coordinator, have delivered intensive IELTS preparation courses for prospective scholarship candidates who have not met the required entry English language requirements.


 SELS PROGRAM 2014 (Timika, Papua) 

SELS PROGRAM 2014 (Timika, Papua) IALF has been working in Timika for over a year with current activities continuing through to early November. During this current period Bayu and Sue Rodger are working with several different groups. Bayu is working with the local community in partnership with the Multi-Purpose Community Center (MPCC) in Timika teaching school children English. He also works at a specially built community centre on the edge of town training teachers to SELS PROGRAM 2014 (Timika, Papua) teach English. Sue is busy teaching five classes of staff from Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro (LPMAK), an NGO funded by Freeport. This work is being carried out in the township of Timika. Sam Morgan will continue this work when Sue returns to IALF Bali in late July.


IALF Travelling Roadshow - ‘Learning English for a Brighter Future’

IALF Travelling RoadshowIn September, IALF will travel to Balikpapan to present the second in a series of IALF Travelling Roadshows. The first Travelling Roadshow was held in Mataram in December 2013. During the 3 day event in Balikpapan IALF will deliver interactive presentations on IELTS at IALF, Teacher Training, Business and Company English, working with Young Learners, and overseas scholarships. For more information check the IALF Facebook Page or send an email to

The next IALF Travelling Roadshow will be held in Balikpapan in September 2014

Staff Profile

Meet IALF Staff - Ani Sudiani, IALF Projects Coodinator

Ani Sudiani, IALF Projects Coordinator

My name is Agung Sudiani. I started working at IALF Bali in 1996 as an Administrative Officer. Handling clients, correspondence and assisting with translations were among my routine tasks. In 2002 I went to Australia to promote Bahasa Indonesia for IALF. My visit and my workshops were well received in every school I visited and these activities really did bring a different perspective to my career. I learnt about cross-cultural issues, and the importance of good communication, and maintaining good relationships with clients.

In 2007 I was awarded an Australia Development Scholarship by the Australian Government to do my Masters Degree in Leadership and Management. Learning is the foundation of providing good service to customers and clients. After I returned from Australia, with support from the management at IALF, I established a Community of Practice at IALF Bali. As ELTIS Coordinator in 2007-2008, I had a chance to closely look at a part of educational sector in Indonesia and see the real challanges faced by schools in many places in Indonesia. Now, as IALF Projects Coordinator, I am involved in more IALF projects, both nationally and internationally. I enjoy working together with the project personnel as well as the trips to project sites. I have witnessed IALF grow stronger and bigger and I know that IALF will continue to be the leading English-language provider in Indonesia.

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IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
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