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IALF February 2016 Newsletter

IALF Newsletter

IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters

February 2016 Newsletter

Across Indonesia

Pre-Departure Training for Ministry of Religious Affairs Scholarship Awardees


IALF has been providing pre-departure training for 100 students who are candidates for Ministry of Religious Affairs scholarships, in courses of either 11 or 23 weeks.  After IALF conducted placement English language testing in various locations throughout the country in August 2015, training is taking place in all three IALF centres from October 2015 to March 2016, with 7 class groups altogether.  The full-time training focuses on English for Academic Purposes and IELTS preparation, but also includes components in research skills and cross-cultural skills.

Students entering at higher levels of English joined the 11-week courses, and sat a final IELTS test in December 2015.  The remaining classes are ongoing, and students will finish in March this year.  Successful candidates will have the chance to pursue higher degrees in a range of subjects overseas as part of the Ministry’s 1000 PhDs program.

Pre-Departure Training for Ministry of Religious Affairs Scholarship Awardees Pre-Departure Training for Ministry of Religious Affairs Scholarship Awardees



Joint Selection Test for Australia Awards Scholarships


The Australia Awards Scholarships Joint Selection round for 2017 has already begun: more than 270 short-listed Australia Awards candidates sat their IELTS test on 9 January 2016. The results will be used for their course placement if they are successful in their Australia Awards Joint Selection interview.

A number of academic specialists from Australia and Indonesia conducted the interviews at IALF Jakarta as well as in other cities such as Yogyakarta and Banda Aceh. The Australia Awards scholarships will provide awardees with pre-departure training courses as part of their scholarship prior to going to Australia to study for a Masters or PhD program.

IALF has prepared thousands of awardees through Pre-Departure Training courses that encompass studies in English for Academic Purposes, IELTS, Cross Culture, Information Literacy and Computer Skills, all of which enable the awardees to be better prepared for the academic and cross cultural demands of living and studying in Australia.

Joint Selection Test for Australia Awards Scholarships - checking in Joint Selection Test for Australia Awards Scholarships - waiting in line


IALF Surabaya receives an award from IELTS Australia for biggest increase in candidate numbers in 2015

D035 Award for Growth 2015

Tina Argristianto and Alex Gough celebrate their award at the Annual IDP IELTS Awards and Commendations Ceremony 2015.

IALF Surabaya was recognised at the Annual IDP IELTS Awards and Commendations Ceremony 2015 as global runner-up for its efforts to increase candidate numbers in 2015. Thanks to the hard work of the IALF Surabaya staff and the ongoing commitment to ensure that candidates are given the best possible test experience, IALF Surabaya saw an increase of 34% in total candidate numbers in 2015 compared to 2014.

‘The award was a big surprise for us!’ said Alex Gough, IALF Surabaya Manager and IELTS Centre Administrator. ‘We have worked hard to create greater awareness of IELTS, particularly in Malang, and other new test locations in Pare, Medan and Makassar. The LPDP scholarship program has created a lot of interest in IELTS.  We frequently work with LPDP awardees to pass on information about these scholarships to potential awardees who are sometimes unaware of the opportunities that are available for them to continue their studies to master and doctoral level overseas.’

Candidates wishing to take IELTS are recommended to develop their language skills before jumping into IELTS Preparation courses. IELTS Prep courses are very useful for practising the test-taking strategies, but this alone is not enough. ‘Test takers need to see IELTS Prep as the icing on the cake’, said Alex, ‘but first they need to bake the cake and this can represent many, many hours of language study.’

The other runner up in the <3,000 candidates per year category was Columbia International College, Canada and the winner was ADD Institute, Iran.

Presentation of D035 Award


Melissa Cudmore, Regional Manager, Western Europe - Alex Gough, Manager IALF Bali - Warwick Freeland - Chief Strategy Officer and Managing Director


Young Learners Centre


The year was welcomed with a series of programs in the new Young Learners Centre (YLC) at IALF Denpasar, Bali. The YLC, led by Ms Agnes Shanti Nindyarini (Ibu Agnes), officially began operations on Monday, 4 January 2016. The facility includes a fully operational resource centre, computer lab, 12 class rooms, indoor/outdoor story telling zones and a performance area. The YLC is specifically designed for SD and SMP students, to experience a learning-friendly environment for them to be creative and communicate in English.

At the start of the year, IALF Bali welcomed a group of 8 students comprising 3 boys aged 8 & 9 and 3 girls aged 14 & 15 from South Korea. Their group study tour program was organised by D-Bali (PT Dongwha) and included a 4-week English course at IALF Bali as well as several cultural trips to famous landmarks in Bali. The class was taught by Andre and Alice and all of the students were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed studying at IALF.  Their classes included lots of fun activities such as pair and group work, role plays, and board games to enrich their vocabulary and improve their English skills. On the first day, they had both indoor class activities and an outdoor interview exercise with other IALF students from Australia. Other English activities involved e-learning classes in the new YLC computer lab, recording sessions at the Multimedia Studio and outings to the city park in Denpasar. We really hope that they had a great time learning English at IALF Bali.

For more information about our SELS for Young Learners Program, please email

Upcoming English for Young Learners (SD – SMP) 2016


Placement Test & Registration*

Course Dates


11 – 19 March

21 March – 17 May


19 – 28 May

30 May – 27 July


29 July – 6 August

8 August – 7 October


8 – 7 October

20 October – 15 December

*Placement Testing for SD – SMP will start in term III 2016

Class Schedule

Course Fees

I               15.00 – 16.30
II             16.45 – 18.15
III            18.30 – 20.00

Schedule I & III                                                  Schedule II
Indonesian         Rp.1.100.000                      Rp.1.300.000
Combination      Rp.1.575.000                      Rp.1.775.000
Native Speaker Rp.1.775.000                      Rp.1.975.000

Further enquiries to or call 0361 225 243

Photo Album (Courtesy of D’Bali)

Children's English classes in Denpassar Bali English classes in Bali


ELTA IV 2016: NTB, NTT, Papua-Papua Barat

ELTA 2016 - NTT, NTB, Papua and West Papua Barat

Three ELTA (English Language Training Assistance) programs are currently running in three different locations: NTT, NTB and Papua Barat. 


The 2016 program is the sixth English Language Training Assistance (ELTA) program conducted for potential Australia Awards applicants from NTT and the fourth program for NTB. The 12-week training courses are taking place at the Language Centre of Nusa Cendana University in Kupang and at the Bale ITE (Informasi – Teknologi – Edukasi)  in Mataram from 11 January to 1st April 2016.

The training program is a joint initiative of  Australia Awards  with the local Civil Service Agency of East Nusa Tenggara,the University of Nusa Cendana in NTT and with the Badan Kepegawaian Daerah in NTB, with IALF Bali as the program facilitator.  Prior to the program, testing of more than 200 applicants from throughout NTT and NTB was conducted in order to select 30 most potential and suitable ELTA trainees from each province in terms of English ability, motivation, and aspirations.

The trainees come from various work backgrounds such as NGOs, government offices, training centres and universities. The trainees also come from various fields of study, such as Education, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, Environment, Public Works, Information Technology, and Public Health.     

As the program continues, the trainees are gaining confidence, are highly motivated and are showing excellent commitment to their learning. At the end of the training, they hope to achieve a minimum of 5.0 in the IELTS test to be eligible to apply for the  AAS scholarship.

ELTA Papua-Papua Barat

The Opening Ceremony for the fourth ELTA Papua-Papua Barat program took place at Badan DIKLAT Prov. Papua Barat in Manokwari and was officially opened by Pak Edison Ompe (DIKLAT Secretary).  Among the guests attending the Opening were Ibu Dwiya Anindyacitta (Targeting and Liaison Manager, Australia Awards), Ms Caroline Bentley (Manager, IALF Bali), Pak Winoto (DIKLAT Prov. Papua representative) and UNIPA representative.

The trainees were relocated from the training facilities in Manokwari  at the end of January and are now continuing their training at IALF Bali, until 1 April 2016, where they were warmly welcomed.
Jeff Herbert, Australia Awards Program Director and Dan Hunt, Australia Awards Deputy Director along with Pak Reza Irwansyah from DFAT and 3 visitors from Sekretariat Negara came to visit the trainees and enjoyed chatting over afternoon tea with the trainees and trainers. 

ELTA 2016 - NTT, NTB, Papua and West Papua Barat

Coming Soon
What's Coming Up


IELTS Tryouts by IALF Jakarta

In order to inform the general public and particularly future IELTS test candidates, IALF Jakarta regularly holds IELTS Tryouts in cooperation with the SUN Education Group.  Participants are given samples of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking questions and are given tips on how to produce the required answers. For approximately three (3) hours, participants will receive many insightful information on how to prepare for the IELTS test as well as obtaining the chance to do a test simulation. The IALF IELTS Tryout is delivered by a native speaker trainer with many years of experience.

There will be nine (9) Tryouts in 2016, conducted on Saturday or Sunday, starting at 10.00h. Registration is required for those interested in joining the event. Dates of the Tryouts are March 6, May 14 and 15 and August 28: the registration link is available on the SUN Education website one week before the dates.

IALF Jakarta is also running Tryouts in Medan and Yogyakarta with our partners in each city. The Medan Tryout is organised by SUN Education  in cooperation with The British Institute, while in Yogyakarta the event is held at REAL English, a subsidiary of IONs International Education. There are also Tryouts arranged by request for specific institutions, such as IPB, Australian Embassy, and LIPI.

IELTS Tryouts by IALF Jakarta in 2016 2016 IELTS Tryouts by IALF Jakarta
IELTS Tryouts by IALF Jakarta

Cultural Day – DIKTIS Students

A cultural day for DIKTIS students has been arranged for 24 March 2016. Students will showcase some of the traditions of their homeland including dance, clothing and games. The idea is the brainchild of their teacher, Ruth, who is facilitating a cross-culture program for DIKTIS students who are preparing their language skills in preparation for scholarships overseas.

IELTS Pre testing – Malang and Surabaya

IALF Surabaya invites you to join an official IELTS Pre-test. This is a great chance to gain greater familiarity with the IELTS test as all papers are prepared and marked by the University of Cambridge. The worldwide demand for IELTS is increasing every year and producing more test material to meet this demand involves increased pretesting. Test developers in Cambridge aim to involve candidates from as many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds as possible to ensure that IELTS tests are fair and unbiased.
IELTS Pre-test calendar:

  • 9 April 2016 – Universitas Negeri Malang for 60 candidates
  • 23 April 2016 - IALF Surabaya for 100 candidates

Keep an eye on the IALF Facebook page for updates on how to register for a pre-test.

Cultural Day – DIKTIS Students Students on Cultural Day

Bahasa Indonesia programs in Bali

Indonesian Language Services (ILS) Upcoming Programs

Here are some quick course updates for Study Bahasa Indonesia in Bali Adults and Young Learners, along with General Indonesian.  These programs are suitable as family, school, business activities during your travels in Bali. #AyoBelajar Bahasa Indonesia!

General IndonesianStudy Bahasa Indonesia in Bali

The upcoming months will be a great time for the family to study Indonesian culture and language in Bali. The SBIB (Study Bahasa in Bali) program for adults and young learners allows parents to enroll in cultural activities and language studies, while letting the kids play and learn Bahasa Indonesia.

Here are the 2016 dates:

28 March – 8 April
11 – 22 April
11 – 22 July

New Year, New Teacher Training Programs

As we begin the new year, IALF Bali has launched some new Teacher Training programs.

One-week Modules

English Teacher training in BaliMany teachers who have attended our one-day workshops have asked for longer courses that can cover topics in more depth. Therefore, we have designed a series of Certificate in Communicative English Language Teaching (C-CELT) modules and will be running them throughout this year. These modules combine theory and practice, with input sessions on the background and methodology, and teaching practice workshops where participants can plan, prepare and try out new techniques. The material in these modules is different from the content of in the other courses and workshops we run.

The first C-CELT Module covers Teaching TOEFL®. It is aimed at teachers who have students planning to take the TOEFL Institutional Test Program (ITP), which is based on the Paper-Based Test (PBT). It includes practical tips on the three parts of the test, Structure & Written Expression, Reading and Listening, as well as sessions on teaching the grammar and vocabulary that students need to achieve their target scores. We have just run this course for the first time, and will schedule it again later this year.

The second C-CELT Module is focused on Teaching Business English. With the arrival of the ASEAN Free Trade Area, English is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to stay competitive, and the demand for Business English is growing all the time. The Teaching Business English module is aimed at teachers who need to ensure they are addressing this demand by teaching the English that companies and entrepreneurs really need. The course not only has sessions on teaching grammar and skills, but also covers needs analysis, course design and even report writing. This module will run for the first time from 29 February – 4 March.

Training for English Teachers in BaliAt IALF Bali, we have not forgotten the English speakers of the future, and in response to requests from teachers who have attended our one-day Teaching Young Learners workshop, but who want more, we have put together a five-day module that goes into the topic in much more depth. Like all the C-CELT Modules, the material is entirely new, and gives participants a chance to learn about a range of techniques for young learners as well as to participate in sessions covering areas such as classroom management and creating materials. Of course the old favorites such as using songs and games are also included, and the participants will have fun trying them. Come and join us from 9 – 13 May in our new Young Learners Centre.

New Workshop Topics

This year, we will be running some of the one-day workshops that were popular last year, because we believe that many teachers have not been able to attend them yet. However, once again by request, we have some new additions to the lineup.

27 February: Teaching Pronunciation
This is a very important part of English teaching, but many teachers lack the confidence to try it in the classroom. Our new workshop will give teachers the background knowledge and skills to help their students speak clearly and understood spoken English.

11 June: Teaching Genre  
Genre analysis can be a very useful classroom tool, not only for writing, but also speaking. It is a way to produce motivating and enjoyable lessons that develop the students’ real world skills.

20 August: Teaching using English as a Medium of Instruction
The Indonesian government has announced that universities will use a bilingual curriculum from 2016, and with the growing number of institutions offering lessons in English, it is important that subject teachers know the right way to plan and teach lessons in a way that helps students in subjects like history, geography and mathematics. This workshop is aimed at introducing teachers to this important trend in education.



Staff Profile

Agnes Shanti Nindyarini

Agnes Shanti Nindyarini

Agnes Shanti Nindyarini has been living in Bali for over 14 years. She is originally from Java. In 2001 Agnes started work with IALF Bali and during her time at IALF she has been involved in many different programs including Young Learners, General, Business and Hotel English. R

Read more about Agnes and listen to Agnes talk about her career.


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