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IALF August 2015 Newsletter

IALF Newsletter

IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters
IALF Newsletters

August 2015 Newsletter

Across Indonesia

IALF Alumni

IALF Alumni




For the past 30 years IALF (Indonesia Australia Language Foundation) has worked with thousands of Australia Awards Scholarship awardees from across the archipelago to develop their academic English skills for Master’s and Doctoral degrees. Through the IALF PDT (Pre-Departure Training), awardees follow an intensive and interactive course of study with IALF’s experienced teachers for a period of six weeks to nine months. The IALF PDT program emphasizes the use of academic English and the importance of analytical & critical thinking along with inter-cultural studies. In this quarter’s newsletter, IALF is featuring an alumnus Asri Toldo, who has just completed his Master’s degree in Environment (Water Resources) from Griffith University, Australia. Asri is currently contributing positive change in Berau, East Kalimantan to create better regulations in implementing sustainable environmental management and practices for government bodies through his institution Yayasan Komunitas Belajar Indonesia -

I feel relieved having completed my Master’s degree in Environment (Water Resources) at Griffith University, Australia. It seems that I have been on a long, fantastic and exciting journey.  

Studying in Australia has given me lots of experiences and opportunities to learn from people with different backgrounds, cultures, expertise and experiences. It has broadened my horizons, expanded my network and increased my capacity academically. Studying in Australia has also developed my organizational skills. As president of the Indonesian Students Association of Griffith University (ISAGU) in 2014 and vice head of the Social Community Service Department of the Indonesian Students Association of Australia (PPI-Australia) in 2014-2015, I got lots of opportunities to engage with international and Indonesian communities and be involved in global activities, such as the G20 summit, BrisAsia Festival, Pesta Rakyat, Cultural Gala, and the Presidential Election.

Besides that, my campus life has brought me to a never-ending academic learning process which has guided me to critically and comprehensively understand the issues related to my major. Honestly, studying abroad, particularly in Australia, is not easy. However, my Pre-Departure Training and English Academic Preparation (EAP) at IALF Bali before commencing my study in Australia saved my life. At IALF Bali, I learnt how to manage my time, prepare my academic papers and adjust myself for culture shock in a measured, blended and well-organized study environment, and this helped me a lot to complete my Master’s at Griffith University.  These are some of the benefits I got from the Australian Government as an Australia Awards scholarship recipient, and I am thankful for this award.

 I hope, with all this knowledge, skills and experience, I can contribute more to my community for  better regulations and the implementation of sustainable environmental management and practices, both in government bodies and in my institution (Yayasan Komunitas Belajar Indonesia)

IALF Newsletters


Australia Awards Scholarships Information Day

Australia Awards Scholarships Information Day

On Tuesday, July 28th 2015, Australia Awards hosted an Information Day for Australia Awards students currently undertaking pre-departure training at IALF Jakarta. The event, held at JS Luwansa Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta provided information about programs and universities in Australia to more than 100 scholarship recipients studying at IALF.

70 representatives from 30 universities participated in the event.  Among them were regional managers, country managers, scholarship coordinators, associate professors and associate deans from the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, Monash University, the University of New South Wales, Australia National University, and the University of Technology Sydney. During the event, Coffey International Development also provided help and advice to the awardees.


English Language Training for UIN – Sunan Ampel

English Language Training for UIN – Sunan Ampel

In July IALF Surabaya started a course for lecturing and academic staff from UIN (Universitas Islam Negeri) Sunan Ampel Surabaya, and this will continue until September.  The UIN Sunan Ampel staff are taking the course to upgrade their English skills to help them with general work commitments as well as attending meetings and eventually conferences.  Classes have started with enthusiasm and energy and we expect that this will continue!


Four weeks of Teacher Training in Sumatra

Teacher Training in Sumatra

Teacher Training Manager, David Bradbury and Assistant Teacher Training Manager, Komang Wartini spent four weeks out of the IALF Bali centre recently working on our Certificate in Communicative Language Teaching (C-CELT) course.

They were giving training to fifty English lecturers and English teaching graduates from the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) in Padangsidimpuan, North Sumatra. Because there were so many participants they were divided into two groups of 25, so in effect, the Teacher Training Department was running two full-time courses at the same time. The participants all worked very hard, and as well as learning the theory, they had a chance to practice the new techniques they had learned by planning lessons, preparing materials and teaching their colleagues. On the last day, they took all three modules of the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) exam, so they will receive internationally recognized certificates. It was four weeks of hard work – and very spicy food – but it was an interesting and rewarding experience for the trainers, who appreciated the positive attitude and commitment shown by all the participants.

Four weeks of Teacher Training in Sumatra


ETELP (Timor-Leste English Language Program) News

ETELP (Timor-Leste English Language Program) News

As ETELP enters its fifth – and final – year, the main focus is on completing the INSET (In-Service Training) program for English teachers in schools. Julio, Des and the team of Master Trainers head up into the hills - in the sturdy four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicles - to Manufahi and Ainaro to deliver school-based training twice a month.

In the meantime, the curriculum documentation is undergoing an appraisal process in order for the training to be recognised under the Timor-Leste National Qualifications Framework. At UNTL, the national university, the English Language Centre is now well-established, led by Elvis Brites da Cruz and Belina Maia do Rosario, and supported by Juliet Bell of ETELP. The university held the 3rd National ELT Seminar in May, which attracted over 175 participants from all over the country and garnered positive reviews from all.

Coming Soon
What's Coming Up

There’s a full array of IALF activities in all of the IALF branches and across Indonesia. Jakarta is getting ready to re-open another term of the IELTS Preparation courses, while Surabaya will continue to work with PUSDIKLAT MIGAS in Cepu, Central Java and will be starting a new IELTS Prep Course with UNESA lecturers. Bali is busy with the upcoming 62nd TEFLIN Conference which will be held at the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, the Teacher Training department once again departs to train lecturers in Papua, Academic English starts with a fresh batch of students from Timor Leste and a new term for Young Learners and General English will begin in August.


Social Gathering for AAS Awardees

Social Gathering for AAS Awardees


In August 2015, IALF Jakarta will host a Social Gathering for Australia Awards Scholarship awardees. The awardees will have the opportunity to practice their English conversation skills, share news and information while also developing new networks among teachers and students from the 4.5-month to 9-month courses.



Guest Lecturer from Monash University

Guest Lecture from Monash University

Monash University will present a guest lecture for Australia Awards Scholarship awardees on Wednesday, 16 September 2015. The presentation titled ‘Understanding the Sustainable Development Goals: Prospects and Challenges for Asia’ will be presented by Samnthi Gunawardana, a Lecturer in Gender and Development studies at Monash University. Holding a PhD in Economics and Commerce from the University of Melbourne, Samanthi will focus on the meaning of sustainability, the process to define the goals, as well as debates around promoting a universal set of goals. On this occasion participants will also have the opportunity to gain further information about Monash University and its available programs.


UNESA Semi Intensive IELTS Preparation

An IELTS Preparation course for 16 lecturers from Universitas Negeri Surabaya (UNESA) will run from August to September. These lecturers are planning to continue their studies overseas next year and through this class they hope to develop their English skills and learn about IELTS tips and strategies with our experienced teachers. We hope they can get a good IELTS score!

English Language Training for Education and Training Centre on Oil and Gas, Cepu

English Language Training for Education and Training Centre on Oil and Gas, Cepu IALF Surabaya will be continuing its cooperation with Pusdiklat Migas (Education and Training Centre on Oil and Gas) in Cepu, Central Java, by providing an intensive two-week course for training and support staff.  Participants worked enthusiastically on their general English skills and also on specific language for the oil and gas industry.  Feedback from all involved indicates increased confidence and ability in all areas, and we look forward to working with Migas again in the future.



TEFLIN 2015The 62nd TEFLIN International Conference is taking place in Bali this year, hosted by the English Department, Faculty of Letters and Culture of Udayana University.  The annual 3-day conference will be held at the Sanur Paradise Plaza hotel and IALF Bali is playing a big part in this year’s event!

A number of IALF staff will be presenting during the conference:  Denise Finney, IALF CEO will be jointly presenting with Hywell Coleman on the topic of Language and Development, and Vlad Pejovic, Manager for IALF Bali’s Academic English programs will give a plenary session on the topic of the problems Indonesian candidates often face with the IELTS test.  Ruth Widiastuti from IALF Surabaya will also be presenting a parallel session and her session is titled An Evaluation and Analysis of an Indonesian textbook for teaching English in Senior High Schools: A Socio-Semiotic perspective.
In addition, IALF Bali and IALF Jakarta are sponsoring two teachers from Eastern Indonesia to attend the conference this year.  They are Apriyani Haryono from SMPN 6 Taliwang, Sumbawa Barat, NTB and Tuty Prasetya from SMA YPPK Agustinus, Kota Sorong, Papua Barat.

If you are attending TEFLIN this year, do come along and visit the IALF booth located at Stand A in the main ballroom. IALF will be there all day for the three days, so do drop by for a chat, come and find out about our programs and join one of our competitions and win great prizes!

Teacher Training: From One End of Indonesia to the Other

LPMAK logo

IALF Bali has been working with the Lembaga Pengembangan Masyarakat Amungme dan Kamoro (LPMAK) organization in Timika, Papua, which is funded by PT. Freeport Indonesia. The LPMAK organizes teacher training activities, the latest of which was a series of workshops for 90 English teachers from around Timika, comprising 72 elementary school teachers and 18 junior high school teachers. Once again, David Bradbury and Komang Wartini travelled across the country to deliver the workshops. The training lasted five days, and the topics covered included motivating students, lesson planning and teaching large classes.


Visitors to Bali

Visitors to Bali

Most of the teacher training courses are run at IALF Bali, and the next few months will be a busy time. As well as a workshop for teachers from Bali who supported the Vocab Trivia day in May, and a Teaching Using Multimedia public workshop on August 22, we are looking forward to welcoming   students from various institutes for workshops in our auditorium. Watch this space for news and pictures. 


Timor Leste Courses

IALF Bali will be teaching several 12-week English Language Training (ELT) courses for staff of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) East Timor, and the current course is running until September.  The purpose of the courses is to improve participants' command of English to support activities in their workplace, and at the same time improve their prospects of gaining scholarships to study overseas.  As such, the courses have two main objectives: to develop general English language abilities and improve confidence in communicating in English, and to introduce skills in English for Academic Purposes as a foundation for further studies.

Timor Leste Courses

Staff Profile

Francis O'Brien

Francis O'Brien

Francis O'Brien has been in English Language Teaching for over 25 years. He first qualified as a secondary school teacher in the UK in 1989, when he took a PGCE (Post-Graduate Certificate of Education) at Warwick University. Francis soon moved abroad and arrived in Surabaya where he worked as an English lecturer at what was then IKIP PGRI. He enjoyed the experience immensely: curious students and helpful colleagues. Francis learned a lot there. He stayed in Surabaya until 1998, and earned his RSA D-TEFLA in 1995 in London.

Francis taught in a small university in Surabaya and also for The British Council, where he taught mainly business classes in hotels and companies. He had to zoom around in taxis and cars to get to classes, a bit of a challenge when it rained. After that there was a long spell outside Indonesia.

Listen to Francis talk about his career


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