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General English

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The IALF offers a comprehensive program in General English for all age groups at levels ranging from Beginner to Advanced.

General English programs are available at IALF Surabaya and IALF Bali.

IALF Surabaya

Belajar Inggris di Bali

The IALF Surabaya course structure aims primarily to develop English language skills which are relevant to an academic environment. However, a strong foundation in General English is crucial to the development of academic English skills.

IALF Surabaya Course Structure

IALF Surabaya Course Structure - At a Glance

Click on the diagram to the left to see how IALF Surabaya English courses provide an integrated program of language learning from Pre-intermediate through to advanced levels, with pathways to IELTS test preparation and expected IELTS score outcomes.

Silahkan klik diagram di sebelah kiri. Diagram tersebut menunjukkan kursus-kursus di IALF Surabaya sebagai suatu program pembelajaran bahasa Inggris dari level menengah bawah sampai level mahir yang terintegrasi, dan kaitannya dengan IELTS Preparation serta hasil skor IELTS yang diharapkan.

All courses at IALF Surabaya are available only to students at high school age and above.

Study Prep


Study Preparation (Study Prep) is designed to further develop General English language skills while preparing students with academic language skills required for further study in an English language environment, whether at institutions in Indonesia or overseas. There are 12 levels to the program and all are linked to international benchmarks including the CEFR and IELTS.
Language skills developed on the Study Prep program provide the foundation for students wishing to take an international English test such as IELTS.
All students wishing to enrol on Study Prep courses are expected to take a placement test.

Click here for more information the IALF Surabaya Study Preparation program.


Intensive English Program for Overseas Study (IEPOS) at IALF Surabaya


IEPOS provides intensive, full-time courses with a strong General and Academic English focus, designed for learners from high elementary to upper-intermediate level. The courses are suitable for learners who wish to develop their language skills over a short period of time.

Click here for more information on Intensive English Programs at IALF Surabaya.

Please contact IALF Surabaya for more information on General English programs.


Belajar Inggris di Bali

Bahasa Indonesia version

General English

IALF Bali has established a strong reputation for its excellent General English program - the largest in Bali.

Courses include:

  • General English for adults, from Beginners to Advanced levels
  • SD English
  • SMP English

Students can choose courses taught by:

  • native speaker teachers
  • a combination of native speaker and Indonesian teachers of English
  • Indonesian teachers of English

The program caters to all levels and all ages. It is a comprehensive program run in 5 terms during the year, each of 40 hours of instruction.


Classes are held according to one of two schedules:

Mondays, Wednesdays with alternating Fridays; or
Tuesdays, Thursdays with alternating Fridays

Please contact IALF Bali for more information on its range of General English programs.

Timetable options for General English

Afternoon: 16.45 – 18.45
Evening: 19.00 – 21.00

General English & Young Learners 201 Term Dates


Registration Dates

Course Dates


27 Dec ’18 – 8 Jan ‘19

9 January – 8 March


12 – 20 March

21 March – 21 May


23 May – 9 June

10 June – 7 August


8 – 19 August

20 August – 14 October


16 – 24 October

20 October – 19 December

English for Young Learners

Kursus Inggris di Surabaya

Bahasa Indonesia version

IALF Bali has a dynamic program for young learners of English, designed to ensure that they have lots of fun – while communicating in English.

The courses are organized around the topics found in the National Curriculum, presented in stimulating and interactive ways. Teachers do not limit activities to the classroom, but use a range of media, including photography, film and sound recordings, as well as computer-based language games.

The 4 macro-skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing are all covered, and grammar is introduced based on communicative activities. Our aim is for the students to enjoy learning, to be creative and enquiring, to be active learners, and to gain self-confidence in actively using the language.

Courses are available for primary school students, SD Class 1 – SD Class 6, and for junior high school students, SMP Class 7 – Class 9. Courses are offered at three time slots: morning, early afternoon, and evening.

Timetable options for English for Young Learners

Option I : 15.00 – 16.30
Option II : 16.45 – 18.15
Option III: 18.30 – 20.00


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Jakarta Surabaya
Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Jakarta
Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Surabaya
Belajar Bahasa Inggris di Bali

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