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English Courses in Indonesia
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IALF programs for training in English for Academic Purposes are the most extensive and most effective in South East Asia.

IALF Surabaya is well-known for its English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs. Clients include overseas government departments and NGOs including AusAID, NZAID (New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards), Indonesian Government ministries and university teaching staff, military personnel as well as funding agents such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

IALF Surabaya Course Structure

IALF Surabaya Course Structure - At a Glance

Click on the diagram to the left to see how IALF Surabaya English courses provide an integrated program of language learning from pre-intermediate through to advanced levels, with pathways to IELTS test preparation and expected IELTS score outcomes.

Silahkan klik diagram di sebelah kiri. Diagram tersebut menunjukkan kursus-kursus di IALF Surabaya sebagai suatu program pembelajaran bahasa Inggris dari level menengah bawah sampai level mahir yang terintegrasi, dan kaitannya dengan IELTS Preparation serta hasil skor IELTS yang diharapkan.



Academic English at IALF Surabaya

Academic English courses in Jakarta

Academic English at IALF Surabaya

IALF Surabaya specializes in preparing students with the language skills required for success on programs of further study conducted in English either overseas or in Indonesia.  There is a range of courses available to funded groups and the public.

Language skills developed on these courses provide the foundation for students wishing to take an international English test with an academic focus, such as IELTS.


Study Prep

Study Preparation

Click here for more information.

Start on your pathway to academic and career success with IALF Surabaya. A popular General English program which introduces Academic English skills – specially designed for busy high school and university students, and working professionals who plan to continue studies overseas or in an English language environment.

Intensive English Programs

Intensive English Programs

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A cost-effective intensive Academic English program if you wish to quickly develop language skills in preparation for overseas study and/or prepare for the IELTS test.
Intensive English Programs

Writing Articles for Academic Journals in English

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Get the language and skills you need to transform your research into an article for publication in a scholarly journal.


Study Preparation at IALF Surabaya


Study Preparation at IALF SurabayaAre you planning to study overseas or in Indonesia?  Do you need English? Do you want to improve your English for a better career?  IALF Surabaya has to be your number one choice for learning English. Based on IALF’s international reputation for Academic English, IALF Surabaya has designed a program of English courses.  These take you from Elementary to Advanced level and on to IELTS Preparation and the IELTS test. Our IALF Global agency can assist you to process your overseas study application, student visas, accommodation and more. Start on your pathway to academic and career success with IALF Surabaya.

Course Dates 2019


Course Dates


25 March – 24 May


17 June – 9 August


26 August – 18 October


28 October – 20 December

The course fee is all-inclusive, and covers all class materials, testing, reports, and certificates. All our teachers have extensive experience and are well qualified, meeting international standards.

Entry requirements

Placement by the IALF Placement test
Classes open to students of SMP class 3 and above

Course Content

  • Develop your academic English and university survival skills
  • Develop your ability to speak English in conversations, presentations, discussions and debates
  • Develop your ability to write newspaper articles, proposals, reports and surveys
  • Explore using technology and English to create photo stories, videos, vlogs, and articles
  • Focus on language development in the skills of Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
  • Develop grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation

As well as in-class activities, you have access to the Study Centre and Computer Lab while you study with us. When you need a break, have a snack at our top-floor cafe.


If you wish to study overseas, then you can sign up for an IELTS Preparation course and take the IELTS test when you are intermediate level.

IALF Global

Our staff at IALF Global can give you information on courses at overseas schools, colleges and universities, and can assist you in processing a student visa.


Call IALF Surabaya on (031) 502 6400, or chat via LINE at ask_ialfsby, or contact us for more information and to book a placement test.


Intensive English Programs at IALF Surabaya


Intensive English Program (IEP) at IALF Surabaya

If you need a cost-effective alternative to intensive English language tuition overseas, join one of our Intensive English Programs.  These let you prepare your English, IELTS, cultural and academic skills quickly and efficiently.  If you are applying for a scholarship and need to maximize your time to improve your English, these programs can also assist you.

These courses are designed to take you from 4.5 to 6.5 or above in IELTS over a period of several months of intensive study. 

Course components include:

  • General English
  • Academic English
  • IELTS preparation
  • Presentation skills
  • Academic discussion and seminar skills
  • Self-study and reflective learning
  • Portfolio
  • Lecture note-taking skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Western academic conventions and culture
  • Essay and report writing
  • Intensive reading

IALF Global

Our staff at IALF Global can give you information on courses at overseas schools, colleges and universities, and can assist you in processing a student visa.


Call IALF Surabaya on (031) 502 6400, or chat via LINE at ask_ialfsby, or contact us for more information and to book a placement test.

Sri, an employee from the Ministry of Agriculture and student of IEPOS 1, explains how her English studies have helped her to prepare for further study overseas. Sri scored 7.5 in her IELTS test.

Writing Articles for Academic Journals in English

Academic English courses in Jakarta

Get the language and skills you need to transform your research into an article for publication in a scholarly journal.

Writing articles for academic journals in englishWho is the course for?

University lecturers or anyone who wants help with writing an article to be submitted to a scholarly journal for publication.

Course aims

Participants will:

  • Learn how to transform research into articles that can be published in scholarly journals, from drafting, editing, and revising their work with the guidance of instructor feedback and peer review.
  • Produce an article ready for submission to a scholarly journal over the course of the program.

Entry requirements

A minimum English level of IELTS 6.0; TOEFLE IBT 80 or PTE 56

Course Structure

The course will be a one-week (25 hours over 5 days) face-to-face in a class group, and then three months working together online with your tutor and your group. During the online phase you will be working on various tasks individually and in groups, with feedback from and consultation with your tutor.

The scheduled course dates for 2019 are:

  • TBA

Cost Rp. 9.500.000

Why Choose the IALF Writing for Academic Journals course?

  • IALF has 30 years of experience training postgraduate students in Indonesia
  • Course designed by staff who have published articles in scholarly journals
  • Practical and hands-on tasks
  • Materials written by expert teachers
  • Personalised help from tutors
  • Access to a large database of academic journals

Download the Program flyer


Research and scholarly writing

  • Understanding academic style
  • The scientific method and the organisation of research paper
  • A clear research issue

Dealing with literature

  • How to conduct library research effectively
  • Collecting and presenting sources
  • An annotated bibliography

Introduction to research papers

  • Analysing good introductions to papers
  • Writing a synthesis of literature
  • Writing an introduction

Literature review, methodology

  • Overview of appropriate methodology
  • Discuss and review method sections
  • Writing a methodology section

Results and discussion

  • Discussing and analyzing exemplary results
  • Incorporation of graphics into research papers
  • Discussing exemplary discussions and conclusion sections
  • Writing a discussion section

An abstract and presenting

  • Writing an abstract
  • Presenting your research to others

Putting it all together

  • Choosing the right journal
  • Designing a paper and producing a writing plan
  • Working through several drafts of your paper
  • How to: write with clarity; synthesise other people’s writing; avoid jargons; avoid plagiarism; create sound and logical arguments; write your conclusion
  • Editing, proofreading and getting to the perfect ‘final draft’

To enroll contact Candra Dewi on or call 0361 225 243
Download the flyer


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